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A revision of The Seven Seals articles


When I had been given the revelations which opened up to me the meaning of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, I took my time to put them down in such a way that I could easily explain them to others. From the summer of 2012 until early 2014, I was still reflecting within myself on the scope of the seals and beginning to slowly appreciate their wisdom. … Continue reading

The Seal of the Networked technology


In the year of 1969 man landed on the moon. Some people believe it to have been an expensive hoax but it doesn’t matter. We landed on the moon as far as most of humanity believes and it transformed completely our view of the world. The same year something extraordinary took place but it escaped almost everyone. Yet it transformed our worldview no less and perhaps even … Continue reading

The Seal of secular Israel


Almost four thousand years ago, the nation of the Hebrews where slaves in Egypt. Today we know these people under the name of Jews. Originally there where twelve tribes composing the nation of the Hebrews of which the Jews – or the sons of Juda – where the twelfth. Five centuries later these brave people had miraculously escaped their prison camps and formed the state of Israel … Continue reading

The Seal of Spiritual awakening


In the sixties the philosopher Alan Watts began radiocasting his ideas about philosophy, ideology, spirituality, religion and life. He was an English scholar of religions, well spoken with a beautiful and clear accent in English often spraying his language with a hint of sarcasm. For a while he held weekly talks on radio discussing various topics. Though he touched on many subjects let us simplify and refer … Continue reading

The Seal of Gene Roddenberry


Four years before man’s first flight to the moon we had already begun exploring the galaxy with Gene Roddenberry. We had taken off to boldly go where no man had gone before, to explore new civilizations and frontiers of the mind. Star Trek was a brainchild of a man who until then was almost unknown. He had fought in Vietnam and been a police officer; he hardly … Continue reading

The Seal of the Moon landings


The Universe is a big place and simultaneously filled with wonder and emptiness. We know that our planet is a round sphere – like a basketball – and that most heavenly bodies are the same. Well, not all rocks in space are round but most of them are. For thousands – if not millions – of years the human being perceived himself as the master of the … Continue reading

The Seal of the Television


By the end of the nineteenth century, the first schemas for a television had already been devised and some scientists were already working on patents for what we know today as The Television. As early as 1908 the first results were emerging from attempts to build such devices, simultaneously there was work underway to build transmitting stations and reception devices. Two decades later many companies around the … Continue reading

The Seal of the Rock Opera


One of the seven seals of the Apocalypse is the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. How can that be? It’s just a rock opera, and it is made in our times, and almost everyone feels that great events of faith are long past. But what is the value of your faith if it is long dead? For centuries the last book of The Bible has inspired much … Continue reading

The Seven Seals of Apocalypse


In the Book of the Apocalypse there are many prophecies and most of them difficult to translate. One of the most famous is the seven signs to the seven congregations. As with all prophecies of the Bible, they are a riddle within a riddle. Many have written about this subject, and for two thousand years there have been many prophets and preachers who claim to have solved … Continue reading