Disorienting speed

A long time ago I had many interesting conversations with an erderly lady in Europe, about diverse human topics, and took delight in being shown perspectives I would not have seen otherwise, except through reflecting on my own life experience when I get older.

One subject cam up once in our discussions; mainly about diseases and travel. I had never really thought about it, but I know that many have, that when someone is sick with fever on one side of the world and takes a flight to the other side of the world in less than a two days, he or she might bring the sickness to the other land.

Of course this is no rocket science, but there’s more to it. Only two centuries ago we had to travel between continents by land or by sea; either walking, riding, or sailing by wind. It took days, weeks and even months to travel long distances.

The same man with a fever, on a sailing boat, will either have healed from the illness (and the germs died) or himself would have died and consequently the germs as well. This way nature would have preserved the health of the population at the destination. This is no longer the case, and even at the time of sailing by the wind wasn’t either.

As most modern people are aware of, more than half of the Native Americans killed when the wild west was won, died from the white man’s disease. Yet the speed at that time was still slower than today’s speed and it took decades. That same slowness therefore granted some of the Native Americans ample time to adapt.

If we take similar case of modern transport ships, it only takes a couple of weeks to traverse the North Atlantic between Europe and North America, which a century and a half ago it took three months. Therefore lots of insects and small animals, traveling as stowaway on the freighters can easily come across alive and create a certain imbalance in the natural ecosystem at the destination.

Is all of this bad? I don’t think so, It’s just worth considering that our modern times are extraordinary when compared to older times and older ways of doing things. Therefore it is essential that we will be forced to re-consider who we are and what we are.




It comes as no big surprise that we have been stuck in old ways of doing things for a long time. As much as our technology and science has taken leaps forward, our spiritual and psychological make hasn’t followed.

Of course we have followed suit in certain ways. For example most of us accept Evolution today as a certain truth, while our grandparents would have accepted the six days of the Creation myth as a certain truthg. But we havn’t moved so far beyond that.

We still quarrel. We still divide. We still use old fashion ways of arriving at conclusions and settling disagreements, and most of all we seem to be stuck in some way of forming our societies that we’re easily fooled, hypnotized and governed.

In many ways we are well educated but in dishearteningly many and powerful ways we are a simple predator who believes that it is a civilized being only because it has language.


The photo in this article, which is borrowed from a Facbook page, illustrates what I’m hinting at. That the world is on the brink of turmoil. People are well educated and well informed. They are beginning on a worldwide scale to crave a change in direction.

Governments and influential people – and powerful banks and economists – have been aware of this for a few decades, and writers had predicted this for the last century. Therefore protagonists of these powersystems have talked for a while about “The New World Order.” Not as a conspiracy but as a way of solution.

Other non-mainstream people, writers, influential thinkers, activists and others are also proposing, not a solution but more an objection to the “New World Order” solution and the way a corporate state is forming in most if not all western states, and it seems also in the third world.

As I hinted at earlier, there is a flaw in all these mindsets. We don’t see the large picture, not yet. But I know that some people see it, I believe that I see it – but I might be wrong – and I will attempt to explain it on this website.

In fact all my writings are directed at this in one way or another, but I try as I might to point also to other writers and groups: For the flaw is that we’re not harnessing a “democratic and spiritually respectful conversation.”

My meaning is that we cannot create a New World unless all of us are united. It doesn’t matter if we are angry at the banks, it doesn’t matter if we mistrust our governments, it doesn’t matter if we’re morally angry over mistreatments; What matters is that we cannot re-create a society fit for the coming age if we’re using outdated methodologies.

Therefore we all – and I really mean all of us – need to re-create our mindset. We need to take on inner transformation, people of power as well as the normal person, if we are to see any society on our planet in a coming age.

This is one of the reasons we need to re-consider our speed. I realize that psychologically we cannot slow down. The chatterbox and rollercoster of our modern times has spun out of control a long time ago, But we can re-consider how we’ll react to it. One tool is to re-awaken conversations with the older generation, for they might help us to re-think our ways.




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