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All the things that are wrong with the world


Someone once posted something to show what is wrong with the world. Something struck with me, particularly for how many agreed and shared, and also some comments by people who kept identifiying what is wrong with the world. I couldn’t resist to respond; there’s nothing really wrong with the world, except for identifying what needs to be changed. As I am aware that it’s easy to define … Continue reading

There are four kinds of people


Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people. Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why … Continue reading

Life without meaning is void


I have for a while held the opinion that when an idea is presented to my mind, that my cognitive abilities elaborate on it and when creativity is awakened that the idea is connected to other idea(s). In essence, I am simply a manifestation of *something* from the Universe and that I am neither a separate entity but more a perception of such, and in the same … Continue reading

Powerful mindset


It is already suspected that in the Universe is a dark matter, sometimes called antimatter. It is sometimes estimated to be 23% of the mass of the universe, sometimes 46%. Thousands of scientists are working on this mysterious matter – or energy – every day. There are abundance of hints about this phenomen all through history of human kind. Some of those hints suggest that the culture … Continue reading

Disorienting speed


A long time ago I had many interesting conversations with an erderly lady in Europe, about diverse human topics, and took delight in being shown perspectives I would not have seen otherwise, except through reflecting on my own life experience when I get older. One subject cam up once in our discussions; mainly about diseases and travel. I had never really thought about it, but I know … Continue reading

Spiritual space travel – (timeline’s or timehelix’s of UR and Egypt)


I have long been of the opinion that our civilization, which is between six and seven thousand years old can be generalized as the Egyptian era. The manuscript of my book Logostal* attempts to explain this logically and spiritually, using the Bible as the cornerstone of my reasoning. As of now it is still in Icelandic but I promise to make an English version as soon as … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


The Process, is a simple and powerful attitude you can use to beat any limitations, any negative feeling, and literally any situation. There is nothing new in here, nor any magical formula to success. It’s a refined and polished best of the best seeds of successful thoughts coming from all directions and through the centuries. The process is imagined and devised – by yours truly – in … Continue reading

Using more of your mind


I have often heard people say something like “humans only use about 10% of their minds” and often it’s hinted that we might be able to use more of it. I don’t really agree, yet I find the question fascinating. Can we use more of our minds? Was the great prophet Jesus able to use more of his mind than we do? If he did, what was … Continue reading

The new time is now


As already stated in “God’s Will” verse 26, the end of the world has already passed. The end of the world began with the first engines of the industrial revolution and ended with the manned landing on the moon. Other signs occured at that time. For a decade and a half two powerful nations, representing less than a tenth of the world population – or human capability … Continue reading

Self motivation


Our world is like a small angry child with a hand grenade. I don’t want the child to blow itself and us to pieces. Humanity has so much technology, so much biology information, so much knowledge. But we are using all of it to create anger, hatred, bitterness, and wars. This can only change if we transform our attitude. Our time is different than 50 years a … Continue reading