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Three decades ago I decided to learn meditation. I read about two or three methods, and quickly mastered them in solitude. It’s easy when you’re a dreamer to go get a grip on meditation. Then just as quickly I threw them out.

If you go deep into powerful meditation you will awaken forces in your mind which your perception and awareness must be a able to handle, unless if you want it to drive you mad or worse lose touch with your Self.

Most people are not aware of the window into material existence which our bodies are. The body and Ego are one and while their awareness overshadows your Soul – or Self – you don’t see it.

This means that behind that window there is your Soul using the window to peak into the world and play with it. Your soul is created out of the Universe’s creative spirit – or first spirit of creation – and that’s where your creativity comes from. When your ego is overshadowed by the soul, or connected to your soul, your creativity and love grows.

Lose the connection and you let something else through the window, but you won’t float away. That’s how madness enters your life.

Then there are other points. For example when you enter meditaion using music or being led by hypnotative voice you enter the realm of conditioning and soothing which will soften your edges, but what is the use of a sword with a soft edge?

In other words you might be turning to meditation in order to avoid stress or to soothe inner pain, but unaware that you’re letting someone else lead you and you don’t know where to or why.

Then there is the third point, which is the most interesting; meeting your adventure land. This is a subtle art or awareness which has much to do with an inner journey.

In essence, true meditaion is the art of putting ego into its place, tuning with your soul and attaining heightened awareness, sharpening or increasing your personal power (I don’t mean intellect here) and discovering both your destiny and its harmony in the world.

This last point means that you cannot successfully negotiate the art of meditation without a guide. Of course there is an exception. For example if your soul has grown strong through powerful experiences in past lives and has such a spirit guide (or Guardian angel) that you can enter the twilight of madness at will and deal deal with the spirit creatures on the borderland of our *awarenesses*.

How I could understand these matters at the age of seventeen to nineteen? Who cares.

Five years later I read the famous book “Go Rin No Sho” by Miyamoto Musashi. It’s a book about sword fighting and strategy, but I soon realized when reading it that it was also a guide to the art of meditative stance. It became obvious to me that Musashi understood and knew what I just wrote about meditaion.




When I read the fifth chapter – the book about Nothingness or The Void – I decided to take it seriously and went moved to a farm in the country side for a year and a half. There I spent my time, off duty and on duty, every day working with “Nothingness” or “The Void”. Until I found it.

It’s a journey worth taking, but take care; it alters your perception of reality. But it also gives you a gift.

The gift is that you will never need to mediate again, because the meditative stance becomes part of you. Not unlike this, you don’t meditate anymore, but meditation becomes part of what you are, not who you are.

Most true spirit warriors know this and many seekers sense this also. But the mass mediastic fashion of modern superficial yoga and fast food meditation we’re presented with doesn’t get this.

Modern superficial practices of spiritual empowerment, or sensitivation is directed at making it easier for you to be part of the “world of things”, to help you contintue living through your ego and viloate your Soul.

I disclose an youtube link to audio version of Go Rin No Sho. In case if you wish to *begin this exciting journey” but remember that this is not mastered in with oneliners or with instant gratification and you won’t be able to drop clever quotes about his at parties.

It’s a lifepath and it distances you from the world of the dead (things). I also place link to one of the rare teachers of this awareness in the 20th century, Krishnamurti. He talked greatly about these matters and I agree with him ToTally, as he would phrase it.








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