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Seven incomplete mindsets


The man Yehoshua from Galilee was an inspired prophet, whose Guardian angel is known as Michael. He appeared within a world of rigid mindset. He successfully proved it void and was killed for it. Since then he has been turned into an idol. The worshippers of the idol are waiting for the same man to come back and give them redemption for not understanding his inspiration. When someone … Continue reading

Power of Destiny


When I recorded “God’s Will” under divine inspiration I had no comprehension of what was really going on. I had resisted for almost two years to do this and feared it for a good reason. No sane person, particularly someone who’s into Philosophy and Programming would record an insight such as this. To claim openly to other sane people that you are a prophet of God is … Continue reading

Meditative stance or practice meditation


Three decades ago I decided to learn meditation. I read about two or three methods, and quickly mastered them in solitude. It’s easy when you’re a dreamer to go get a grip on meditation. Then just as quickly I threw them out. If you go deep into powerful meditation you will awaken forces in your mind which your perception and awareness must be a able to handle, … Continue reading

Jungean or spiritual projection


The first time I  heard the song I was in love with someone I used to know. I was listening to a record I had borrowed somewhere. And something clicked. At first I didn’t think about it. Then came a time I wasn’t in love anymore and didn’t listen to the song while the memory was fading. For every time I heard the song, the awareness of … Continue reading

Your path, your destiny


When you look back on your life, particularly when you approach the term “middle age” and onwards, you will begin to see a pattern, and the pattern will make sense to you. You won’t like some of the lamp posts that were on the path and you won’t like some of the turns you took. You will dislike absolutely some of the people you have met, but … Continue reading