The Seal of the Moon landings

The Universe is a big place and simultaneously filled with wonder and emptiness. We know that our planet is a round sphere – like a basketball – and that most heavenly bodies are the same. Well, not all rocks in space are round but most of them are.

For thousands – if not millions – of years the human being perceived himself as the master of the universe, particularly that of the planet. We saw the earth as flat and assumed that we were at the center.

We knew that this was a logical assumption and we were convinced that God – or the gods – created us and the earth in this way. It was our dogma.

It is easy for us today – in the twenty first century – to look a bit down on the people who thought this way, for today we know better. But do we?

In the year 1492 Christopher Columbus set out to sail from Spain to India and buy some spice. It was a sure way to grow rich in those days, to buy spice in India and sell it in Europe at a thousandfold price. You could buy five sailing ships in Europe – on loans – sail to India and back and pay off the loans with a nice dividend. Even if you’d lose three of the ships you’d still make money.

At the time of Christopher setting sail to the west everyone believed that he was crazy. Everyone knew at the time that the earth was a flat disc and that he would probably sail off the rim of the disc killing everyone on board. Even midway across the Atlantic there was a rebellion on board one of his ships and almost a rebellion on his own ship. The sailors were scared shitless and didn’t believe him.

He was able to sooth the sailors and even offered them to have one of the three ships to head back home, but on he went. He was convinced that the earth was a round sphere and he was proven right. It is easy for us who have learnt in schools that his truth was the truth, to condemn the idiots who didn’t believe him until 1494.

How would we know this truth today if noone had dared to challenge the common consensus? Would America still be undiscovered and the planet still flat?

We know today that science has proved that the earth is round and that it orbits around the sun and not the other way around. It has also been discovered that our Sun is on the outer rim of the Milky Way which is a galaxy or a cloud of stars. We know now that the moon orbits around the earth and we know that there are other planets.

In fact our own is rather small and uninteresting except for the fact that as far as we know it is the only planet in our solar system which has developed life. At least we’re sure that it is the only one which has developed sentient beings – or is it?

What if I told you that from a certain viewpoint the empty space between the galaxies, suns and planets, is not empty but more or less made up of solid matter? What if I told you that the speed of light is very slow? Would I be crazy like Christopher?

It is so easy to judge someone who shares a truth unlike our own, a perception and logic alien to ours. And it could be a lesson to some to realize that the dogma of today is placed on the foundation of those who explored the unknown and risked their reputations and even their lives in the process. Let us not forget that religious leaders had the habit of persecuting early scientists and explorers of perceptions ferociously.

Sometimes the early thinkers and scientists were tortured and even killed. Sometimes they were even roasted alive, publicly like chicken, to the entertainment of the people at the time. There is no excuse for the common man to reflect that the people back then were uneducated for they knew what was known back then just like we do.

If a person hasn’t left the box of conventional thinking and discovered new lands of the mind the same person is without excuse when condemning a perception he or she doesn’t like.

This all changed more or less when the United States of America devised rockets to fly to the moon and back. When they managed the unimaginable to place a man on the moon and take him back safely, not once but many times in the course of six years, history changed irrevocably.

Suddenly we realized that Edwin Hubble was right, for he was a Christopher Columbus of the twentieth century. It was he who forty years earlier discovered that Milky Way is a small galaxy and that there are other galaxies, that the Universe has a beginning which can be calculated and that it not only expands but at a growing speed.

This last part still puzzles men of science and if you did not know about Hubbles work before reading this article, then probably you would have rebelled against Mr. Columbus.

Suddenly we were able to lift off from our planet and leave the atmosphere. We were able for the first time in our known history to leave the planet, to fly where once only the gods of ancient times roamed, and land safely home. What we discovered is still blowing peoples minds.

This is one of the seven seals of the Apocalypse. They all appear at the same time in our history sounding the trumpet of the end of a global mindset which ruled our thinking for thousands of years, sounding the coming of a new and transformative way of the mind.




In fact nothing has been the same for us since then, yet astonishingly enough we are still afraid of our own shadow and still fabricating wars amongst ourselves, still judging each other and still clinging to shallow and narrow minded egos. The religions are still clinging on to old habits of our own mindsets, but only because we haven’t figured out yet how to use the great transformation.

But we will figure it out, soon. In fact we’re very close to it. Let us not forget that sometimes it is rather dark just before sunrise.

The hint is, that the great end of times and the great apocalypse isn’t a miracle of destruction or an avenging act of God but our own act, inspired by either the evil forces or the kind forces. So many centuries have passed where people expected the god of forgiveness and love to exact vengeance and desctruction.

All the time he simply desired – and tried to inspire – us, to choose to develop a strong and positive creative spirit like his own.

It is up to us to choose and to decide whose side we’re on, and to grow from there in strength and attitudes. This is what inspires me about the seven seals that they show us that we’re responsible for ourselves and that if we don’t take responsibility then someone else will enslave our spirit and we won’t like to be there for a few thousand years more.



This is part of a series of articles about the Seven Seals.





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