The Seal of secular Israel

Almost four thousand years ago, the nation of the Hebrews where slaves in Egypt. Today we know these people under the name of Jews. Originally there where twelve tribes composing the nation of the Hebrews of which the Jews – or the sons of Juda – where the twelfth.

Five centuries later these brave people had miraculously escaped their prison camps and formed the state of Israel against all odds. In the process they established the strongest and most enduring system of religion known to modern man; Judaism.

Modern man in the western world is largely aware of this faith as most of its culture adheres to Christianity which is an offshoot from Judaism. A large part of the world adheres to the religion of Islam which is another offshoot.

Both Christianity and Islam are largely based on the ideas and prophetic history of Judaism adding their own interpretations and views.

The former places its emphasis on the mission of Jesus from Nazareth son of Mary and Joseph and Saul from Tarsus more commonly known as the Apostle Paul. The latter places its emphasis on the mission of the prophet Mohammad from Mecca, more commonly known as The Prophet.

Judaism on the other hand places its main emphasis on the doctrine of the Sanhedrin which establisehd itself in the time of the prophet Moses who was the leader of the Hebrews when they escaped the yoke of the Egyptians. All these prophets of God where visionaries and leaders who inspired people – by the power of our creator – to great deeds of faith.

All of these prophets left large footprints behind them in the heart of the people they inspired, so firmly that today – thousands of years later – they are still revered and remembered. What is particularly notable of all their works, and is a seal of all prophets’ work; is that they never tried to establish their own name and prestige but God’s.

It should be noted that the great prophet Zoroaster endures this test. I’m sure that my own will do as well. It isn’t about the man, but about what God inspires.

Since the times of Abraham who was the great grandfather of the twelve tribes, it has always been the seal or yardstick to measure if a prophet brings a message from God or not, if his main emphasis is to uphold God first and second to fight against idolatry.

Most people in the western world are familiar with the story of Moses and the great Exodus from Egypt through the Red Sea. In the following four decades the Hebrews – led by Moses – created six of the old scriptures we know as The Old Testament, the first five books of Moses and the book of Job.

What most people are unaware of is what came next.

When Moses died he had already trained his successor, Joshua. Joshua proceeded to bring his nation into a land we know as Palestine. What we have forgotten in today’s world of chatter and personal consumption that Palestine was at this time the richest landproperty and in the entire world.

It was the bridge between three continents and the perfect place for a trader. The Hebrews had known this since Abraham, their ancestor, had lived there. He believed that God would deliver this land to him and his offspring. Many of the Hebrews hoped that this would be fulfilled one day. Like many Christians are hoping on the promise on the Kingdom of God.

Joshua was the instrument God used to fulfill this promise and the story of the conquest of Palestine is an interesting read on miracles and deeds of faith. It is also interesting to note that Joshua is the same name as Jesus when read in Hebrew. Consequently the state of Israel was established and it prospered.

For a while it was governed by spiritual methods until it was changed into a kingdom.

You’ve probably heard of King David who defeated Goliath using a pebble and his son Solomon who built a great temple of worship. Perhaps you’ve heard also about the fall of Israel and how the nation was enslaved again but this time by the emperor in Babylon in modern day Iraq.

There was quite a while which passed while the nation was in Mesopotamia and Persia. Eventually through the works of notable prophets the people where again freed and again the state of Israel was formed but it was only a shadow of its former glory. Fledgingly it survived difficult centuries until the year 70 CE when an army of Rome destroyed Jerusalem – the main city of Israel – and scattered the twelve tribes.

Here comes the interesting part of this great story which now had spawned two millenniums.

At the time of the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE there were already old prophecies which foretold that Israel would perish and the nation become lost. Also there were prophecies which foretold that one day Israel would be restored by God and the multitude of nations would flock to the mount of Zion to worship The One God.

In the year 1947 there was a decision made in the assembly of The United Nations, inspired by a grand “guilt complex shadow” from the Holocaust inflicted on them by Nazi Germany. This decision – or Resolution 181 – was simply to give half of Palestine back to a group of Jews – people of the tribe of Juda – and to grant them a right to form an autonomous state there.

Immediately there was formed a powerhouse of wealthy people in the USA who ensured that this state (which mainly exports flowers) would have the means to buy arms, train an army, and establish a powerful yet small state. Fifteen years later this small state had struggled to maintain itself and build a foundation of economy, army and strength, sufficient to both keep its borders and expand them.

Many of today’s people may have forgotten that there was a movement among Jewish people who had been struggling since the turn of the nineteenth century to establish or reinvent the old state of Israel. This movement is and has always been secular and non religious but it named itself the movement of Zion in reference to the old prophecies and in accordance with its culture.

There is no doubt that this movement of secular people who had friends in high places in industry and finance where aware of the spiritual implications of the naming. Also it is useful to anyone who knows about The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) to remember that Judaism revolves around one main concept: The chosen nation of God.

The chosen nation of God means that the people who admit to the faith and have the worldview shaped by it see humanity in a different way from Christians and Muslims. Mainly that the descendants of Abraham belong to a chosen nation of God and that all other nations are the Gentiles. In their cultural heritage this distinction has always been prevalent and is the main reason behind the so called anti Semitism.

Most anti semitic views are shaped by people who dislike the attitude of the nation who religiously believes that they are apart from others and on a slightly more elevated ground. What is fantastically interesting is that most Christians and Muslims refuse to believe that a nation would believe such a thing in modern times, but that is often the case when we don’t selfeducate.




In the time of the Seven Seals from mid sixties to mid seventies, the Secular state of Israel made itself one of the world powers in the shadow of the USA. The state waged wars on its neighbors with such a force and efficiency that it became more or less known to them – and the rest of the world – that they were here to stay.

All their history since the U.N. gave them their first foothold has been of secular nature. This nation has established a state in the shadow of a religious name, inspired by an agnostic political and economical movement identifying itself with religious prophecies but abolishing its real meaning; a truly Satanic Synagogue if there ever was one.

They have not heeded to any of the spiritual methods of the prophets of God who both created the nation (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and established its faith (Moses, Joshua, Eli, Elija, Samuel, and Isaia). In effect the leaders of the movement have amassed greater resources – politically and economically – than any nation has ever amassed, and most of it is hidden.

These resources have been organized and use by human intellect and human means to establish a secular – or worldly – state, literally defying the creeds of our common creator. This is one of the most powerful and interesting of the Seven Seals for it should be more obvious to scholars and commentators than the others.

Also it is interesting that the shadow of the Holocaust which gave them their justification to reestablish the state has become their own shadow in the way they persecute the peoples who lived peacefully in Palestine since 70 CE when the Hebrews left.

Which in satirical terms should remind us that though a nation is believed to have lived in Palestine more than 2000 years ago, it doesn’t give that group the natural right to claim the land and the nation supporting their army might realize that by the same logic they should give the Native Americans back their own.

Most important, and should be obvious to all, is that Judaism is a religion with many ethnical roots and not a uniform national identity and far from being a distinct race. In reality, anti-semitism denotes people of Arabic descent, of which some are Sephardim Jews, but Sephardim denotes Jews of simultaneously Mediterranean and Arabic descent, while for example Ashkenazy Jews are Mid- and East-Europeans.

Now a personal note in the conclusion of this long article. This article is not written against Israel in any way. It is simply an explanation for the meaning of one of the Seven Seals.

The modern state Israel is a fact, it is established and it won’t go away. The Jewish people have been without a land of their own for two millenniums and as far as I’m concerned they deserve their own. I also deeply despise the way Nazi Germany treated this proud and able nation.

I have met and befriended Jewish people on my travels and also through the Internet, people who have inspired me and contributed to my worldview. I feel that the world wide culture of the world is in many ways indebted to the Hebrew culture.




I detest with all my heart all forms of racism, even the racism used in Israel today against the Palestinians: these people have to create peace among themselves. Let us remember that lasting peace and harmony can only be established by using the values of our God, our Creator, and his time is now coming. That’s what the real meaning of the Seven Seals is.


This is part of a series of articles about the Seven Seals.






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