How humanity loses its meaning

I see a world in distress, full of people who seem to have lost their meaning. And I care. But I do not want to give you a meaning, and I believe that God doesn’t either. 

Because a meaning for your life, and meaning for humanity, can only grow from within your Soul. That God would inspire you to define a meaning, and that God would make himself manifest to you when you search for him, yes.

Please do not confuse my God with the God in all the different religions, because religions tell you the meaning of God and give you a meaning; that is imposing on you and not inspiring you.

You will discover God on your own, and grow your own relationship with him – or her or it – on your own. When you do you will see clearly that you cannot explain God to others, but only say that he is. 

Therefore the only meaning and the only God you can find, grows from within your own Soul. But when you find this, and when you have defeated – or confronted – your inner deamons, you will discover values, powerful values, and you will discover your own inner power and others will notice that.




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