When demons possess your powers

All religions in the world focus on outer deities. Except for a few which focus on esoteric understandings or spiritual philosophies. Even those focus on something outside, yet all of them know that the spiritual world reflects the making of your Soul.

Everything you perceive in your life is reflected by your mind, or by the way your mind understands what comes through your senses. The only reality you are sure of is the reality everyone agrees upon, for as long as everyone are unaware of how much they misunderstand each other.

A picture on Facebook of a demon climbing from inside

Thereofore what comes through your senses, understood or perceieved with your mind, eventually gets reflected on your soul. While you rely on spiritual teachings, explaining literally anything, and looking outward for understanding, even outward into the spiritual, you’ll be lost looking at the trees, unaware of the forest.

This is where demons, devils, gods, elfs, the one God, anything really, comes into your life: It is reflected by the spiritual sight of your inner Self, which is part of your Soul. 

This means that most of what you perceive and that also means most of what you fear, and particularly all beliefs and fears which govern your life or actions, are mostly from the inside. 

Even the ones not originating from inside of your Soul, might have gained entrance to your spiritual life through a door inside of you. Therefore, if you fear this devil, you literally fear the part of your Soul which the demon belongs to. For the demon is yours.

You cannot drive it out and you cannot overcome it. But if you pretend it isn’t there, it will control the abyss of your Soul and drive you to do or say things you’re not aware of. The mystery in this is that those things you’ll perceive as good and kind because you won’t know the reasons behind them. 

Therefore you are not in possession of your true power, your Soul. There is only one way to find this out, and the same way is used to learn to live with this phenomen without harm, to harness its power, to free your Soul.






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