Worlds of all the egos worship their dreams

We live in a culture that learned 3500 years ago to avoid the truth about ourselves and our values dancing around and worshipping the golden calf.

One of its popular forms today is “all your dreams will come true if you believe in them”. Well, tell that to people in prisons, in camps, in war times, and particularly those who cannot pay their debts and their bills.

When you turn away from worshipping your golden ego, you turn back towards the destiny of your soul. Your soul created the ego and allowed it to assume control, and that was an act of love, trust and wisdom.

For your soul is eternal and loves to grow.

It uses the destiny of each lifetime to grow and reshape itself. When you turn towards understanding of that perception you will automatically begin to let go of ego and perception of pain. For without pain there is no gain.

Some would be tempted in this respect to say that when you face obstacles, that you’re doing something right.






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