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There’s a lot to be said about drugs. I used to get a lung infection called bronchitis a couple of times every year for a few years. Doctors gave me prescriptions and told me that I would never get free from this.

img-coll-0159I was explained that because I’d had pneumonia as an infant and because I smoked that I’d always be vulnerable to the infection.

I was told that the only way out was to quit smoking and every time the infection started that I would need the meds.

I have nothing against meds where they are necessary and I have much trust in science. But I also have trust in soul energy and healing. Particularly I believe in the power of beautiful thinking.

I am not of the opinion that beautiful thinking is always the positive attitude version, not at all. But once I was hit really hard with a flu and as usually I had the bronchitis infection flaming up once again.

That particular time I had no money for meds and no energy even to see a physician. So I worked on my mind and thoughts, I had lots of steaming hot water with lemon and sugar and meditation.

I don’t know what it was in the process that cured my bronchitis once and for all. I was in bed for almost a week, which in itself was quite a ride, as I’m not the kind who stays in bed when ill and rarely catch illnesses.

My granny taught me when I was in my early teens to focus on my thoughts in this regard and I – knock on wood – have been lucky with illnesses since then. Except for the few years when I was vulnerable to the bronchitis thingy.

Since that one week, more than twenty years ago, it hasn’t been back.

Lots of people in recent years have written and taken action against vaccinations, claiming that they do more bad than good and suggesting that big pharma and general physicians are vaccinating more than needed.

It is claimed that over-vaccinating a population will eventually break down the collective immune system and even creat side effects in our health; that we’ll simply grow different and even more difficult diseases because of it.

Notice my use of words. I said over-vaccinating but not vaccinating. As there is no doubt, scientifically, regarding the effectiveness of vaccination against certain diseases and ailments. The question is more as to how to approach it and define it.

Particularly the question in my mind is, who benefits the most and how to follow the money? For example we might consider how these matters would transform if pharmaceuticals where not permitted to make profits?

Lots of questions and not many useful answers yet.

Last july there was in the news in England a new report and projection that indicates that in a couple of decades the general population, in over-vaccinated countries, might become generally immune to vaccination; that germs and viruses are growing more and more immune to drugs and vaccination.

For fun I place here two youtube links about vaccinations; one is pro (5 min) and one opposed (11 min). As I suggested earlier, who benefits? For example the person in the pro video is believed to have invested in Monsanto but I don’t know about the opposition.

One friend of mine is an academic in this field and has explained to me that both factions, the pro vaccination and opposed to over-vaccinations, have excellent points to make and that it’s incredibly hard to glean the thin red line between them. As to when to vaccinate and when not to, or how and why.

Again I suggest that we should follow the money trail, not only now in our 21st century but also the 20th and 19th centuries. There are many leads to when and how big pharma started, how it developed, and the billions of money involved.

For example I’ve heard of the conspiracy theory that the so called war on drugs has more to do with money laundering of big banks and the monopolies of big pharma. Be that as it may. As always I tend to look into the direction less seen.

For example when we consider these matters we are looking at them as individuals, regarding individuals, and their rights.

We are trying to heal the individual now, not the group of people he belongs to during a long period of time or to the health and prosperity of the next or third or fourth generation in a few decades or centuries. If we’d transform that way of thinking, to widen the horizon, we might find a different viewpoint.






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