Monotheism or the Faith in One Creator

The most famous of the Monotheistic religions are Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroasters. They all teach that there are two forces fighting an eternal battle.

The common term for these religions is the word “Monotheism.” Some people use the term “Abrahamic” but that would leave Zoroasters out of the picture.

From my point of view these terms are in itself a symptom of the dark forces trying to overtake and formulate the essence of the faith; enslaving the souls into a pattern and consequently controlling them.

God does not need to control inspired people.

When religions become over zealous on methods, concepts and terms, they become stagnant and out of date. They lose sight of their inspiration.

The word “monotheistic” is a symptom of this.

If your faith in the One God reinspires itself to the point that you feel that these established religions hinder you or that they place themselves as a filter between you and God, then you won’t be comfortable anymore with sentences like “I am a Christian” or “I am a Muslim” or “I am Jewish” or “I am Zoroastrian.”

The devilish scheme that tries to overshadow and filter the essence of faith has made this freedom almost impossible. You can’t say to anyone “I am monotheistic.” Noone would know what you mean.

This is the reason why I sometimes coin the term “The One Faith.” It makes sense to me, until we find a better word for it. Not that one is needed, but it might help others to understand what we stand for.






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