Individuals are numbers in a large machine

If you would realize and see clearly that Edward Snowden was and is a Russian spy and that he was planted years ago, you’d also realize that the Russian intelligence service  is still using old KGB programs.

You would also realise what the USA (or rather the NSA) doesn’t want you to figure out; that yes they spy literally on everyone but also that their databanks are insecure.

That means that efficient Russian, Chinese, Iranian or Korean hackers might find it easy to break into those banks. Just think for a moment; if Snowden is a spy then you can bet on one thing. That Russians downloaded everything the moment they could.

So yes; NSA might know everything about you, but so does Russia and who knows who else?

Main media doesn’t tell you but all major powers emply hundreds of programmers in hacker-teams and have done so for decades. You are a pawn, not an individual.

I place with this note one of the best talks by Chris Hedges. When you follow him through you will be tempted to hear only his criticism of the USA, but don’t listen to that part; compare what he says to your own country.




Then ask yourself these three questions; would you like to leave the system, would you like to participate in recreating a new one from scratch, or if this doesn’t apply to you?







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