A good name for The Sun

If “conscious aware” is a flow of the Soul and if the spark that created soul was purer than light itself, then beings are not confined to the material circumstances we’re made in – and from – but can in fact be in any realm of the Universe.

In my opinion, the Universe does not have or contain life but is life itself, which makes us literally part of a whole and not even a sliced part but integrated part. It’s the same with our Souls in relation to other souls.

In this respect I’m not of the opinion that there are outer, inner, higher or wider forms of consciousness. Even that statement is shaky, for how can consciousness have form, particularly if it is not confined to brain tissue?




If this logic holds true, and there is nothing in our known perceptions which refutes it, then what you call angels might simply be those beings who live on the sun – Gloria.

Also it suggests a fallacy of the human egoworld that in the whole of the Galaxy, and the Universe, which is overflowing with trillions of trillions of suns, that we name every sun that we see except our own? Gloria is in my opinion an excellent name for our sun.





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