Collective Unconscious creates the perceived world

The world is projected and created by our collective unconscious. For the Soul is a creative power. This is the reason that once the world was believed to be flat, it was, and this is why you cannot see beyond your limits.

img-coll-0259You are for example led to believe that science can perceive outside the scope of our atmosphere, but it doesn’t explain to you that its perception is based on fractions of light, or how light is interpreted.

If you ever will experiment with fractions of light, bending light (for example with glasses), you will see that this is pseudo science and just as clearheaded as the old church science.

there might be other perspectives, but while the fallen angels hypnotize you to their left and right, you don’t ask what is beyond, behind, up or down, much less around.

The dark side of this, is that while the Universe does not contain life, but is life, just as much are you not alive but life itself. Therefore while you don’t see yourself as part of the whole or able to bend it and influence it, then someone else has the reins of your Soul and uses its creative powers, and ours as well.

The shadow – in Jungian worldview – suggests that the more confusion there rises among all of us, the more confusion will rise in the cognitive world. This is particularly dire, as Satan – the leader of the fallen angels – has been imprisoned recently.

That might be good news to those who can perceive this insight but his lieutenants – the seven angels in charge of the seven mainstream congreations, are still in charge, and they are currently fighting amongst each other for leadership. While this goes on, confusion and turmoil rises in the world, for they have hypnotized the confused souls of the masses into their whirlwinds.

I have already explained, many times over, that the end of the world began with the late Renaissance period and finished in the times of the moonflights.

This insight was explained two thousand years ago in The book of the Apocalypse, as the aforementioned imprisonment and the nature of the seven angels. The meaning of the prophecies where kept undecipherable for centuries until I was given the key to explain them.

These explanatinos are already in place on this website, but why is there growing turmoil now, seemingly suggesting an end of the world, if the end of the world is over? The question should rather be, what does “end of the world” mean, but an end of worldview or a mindset. Also what does a Transformation mean and is transformation of the human spirit possible without a conflict?

For most people in our current times, what I have explained, here and in other writings, is almost incomprehensible because nothing suggests these insight in the culture of darkness. There’s a reason why my brother from Nazareth, when speaking under guidance of the Archangel Michael, “I will come back as a thief in the night” and elsewhere “you will look for me and not find me.”

Take heed, for it was also explained that to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens – which meaning is also greatly misunderstood – is like threading a needle with a rope. Yes you were told of a Camel in this context, that was an illusion from the priests to deceive you.

This is – regrettably – an insight only few can decipher. I wish everyone would choose life and partake in recreating the transformed earth and open up to the second week of creation, but it seems that so many choose darkness in stead.

If humanity opens its own door and flips the switch of its inner light, it will enter into a dawn noone has predicted ever, until now. For the centuries and milleniums have shaped us and conditioned us to the potiential of teaching and inspiring other cultures in the Universe, but to see beyond that bend you need to ask, as suggested.

What is more than left and right.

Furthermore, if you can see what here is predicted and prophesied, you will understand some of the cataclysms in our history, and the demise of the great Reptiles (of which spiritual memory lingers) for there is a spiritual war going on, much older than we are. And we are in the dead center of it.





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