The question about Aliens

It’s not a question if there are aliens out there. The name itself is egotistical and negative. First it implies that they have to visit us. Second we brand them as “different” and “outlandish” and “foreign” and “suspect”.

The question is, in my mind, is space travel dependent on a positive creative and spiritual vision? Therefore I don’t ask if there are aliens out there, but if there are civilizations out there; and if we can appreciate them?

For a developed and transformed being, illuminated and inspired by wisdom, would participate in a civilization and develop it further, coherently, integratively, and most of all; creatively.

Obviously, if this is a requirement, if space faring civilizations have discovered sentient beings on Gaia, our home.

Would they keep their distance and watch, anticipating if we’d show symptoms of a real community amongst ourselves? This question opens a plethora of others, and I don’t want to answer the first one without addressing the new ones.




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