Jehovah’s Witnesses were right regarding 1975

Everyone has heard something about the infamous Christian religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though many don’t know that they’re Christian but they are and they take it both seriously and literally.

gudjon-img--0127I belonged to that sectarian religion for a while and there is a reason why I don’t write much about it.

I have never made it a secret. In fact you will find a mention of that part of my past in some places in my writings and recordings.

From my personal perspective it isn’t so important in itself if a peson has a past in one sectarian religion or another. Every person who seeks answers will research and practice from time to time one form of dogma or another.

The deeper one goes into the abyss of research and diving for pearls, the more one will begin to distance oneself from an established form of truth and eventually try to free oneself from any dogma and mysticism.

Retrospectively I find it in fact an invaluable experience in my personal development through the years that I once belonged to the Watchtower and Tract Societyj, and I am deeply indebted to them – the International Bible Students – for teaching me how to research the sacred scriptures of both Judaism and Christianity.

A foundation which has proven to be a matter of great substance in my work since my calling of prophecy – or service to our Creator.

For example I would say that much of what I see today and understand would have been harder for me to come by if I didn’t have the firm background the Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me in this respect. Particularly when diving into the great religions of Judaism and Islam, which I find in many ways quite fascinating.

In fact, if anyone wants to gain a good foundation in Bible research and understanding of the scriptures the Witnesses provide an excellent platform, both in personal guidance and through good literature, to research and learn about the teachings of the Bible in as non-dogmatic way as possible.

Pay close attention to the words “as possible” for there is almost no way that you can research any religion or worldview without some dogma.

At the end of the day, no matter how you turn this, you will at some stage run to ground. It doesn’t matter which religion of the Satanic world system you choose, you will sooner or later begin to glean through the mysticisms and deceptions of this great Morning Star provides to snare and captivate your soul.

From that point on you will begin to research on your own. You will begin to look for the narrow and crooked road which the prophet Yehoshua spoke of and sooner or later you will begin to feel that even behind your own perceptions of truth, there is a veil of self-deception and you will begin to dig further and dive deeper.

What the Jehova’s Witnesses fail to teach you and would never dare to acknowledge is that their Jesus is the evil Idol of Mithras and that all their adherence of their coming kingdom is a blind adherence to idol worship.

Yehoshua son of Mary and adopted by Joseph was the greatest prophet of God ever to walk upon the earth; but a man nonetheless.

But there is a great mystery about the Witnesses which some of them might admit but most of them be very shy to admit. They believed for a long time that in 1975 the End of thw world would come and the Thousand year rign of the Christ or Messiah would begin.

Then 1975 came and went, and many Witnesses became disillusioned and also went back into the world. Their governing body of false prophets, adjusted the teaching and they still believe that soon the end of the world will come and so forth and so on.

They were right though and funny as it seems. When Archangel Michael spoke through the man Yehoshua – as his guardian angel – “I will come as a thief in the night” he was spot on and very serious.

The end of the world sent its morning glow with the Renaissance, and began in earnest with the age of machines. The Industrial Revolution took hold of the human times and brought about the end of a global worldview and blasted itself through our minds in two world wars.

Then it cooled down over a ten year period from 1965 to 1975 – the year when the End of Times, of the old worldview, came about and finished.

I was inspired to explain in chapter 26 of God’s Will how to decipher and understand the End of Times. When I began to understand the meaning of this great prophecy, myself, I realized that the children of the world of darkness and fear see prophecies through the eyes of darkness and fear.

They want the buildings to go out and they want people to be killed, simply because they cannot see through their shadow and they are used to judgments. Once a person begins to see through light and using spiritual illumination, the person begins to see that the age of Messiah is the age of personal illumination and that is the thousand year time; The Great Transformation.

What I find to be one of the most inspiring revelations of all, is how this ten year period from ’65 to ’75 saw the opening of the Seven Seals and how they subtly facilitate the transformation of the way of seeing.

I also find the messages to the seven angels, in this respect, to be one of the best eye openers ever given to begin to see through deceptions and veils of the world of deception.

You might be surprised by me metioning Archangel Michael in this respect, but if you’re one of Jehova’s Witnesses or an ex member, then you will know precisely what is meant. You will have been led to believe Yehoshua son of Mary to be him, but it is not so.

Yehoshua was a prophet led by a guardian angel – the one who also acted as a guardian angel of Mose. Some readers might be Muslims and know that Gabriel was sent to guide the prophet Mohammad. I am not sure of Gabriel was a Lightangel or a Seraphim.

It has not been revealed to me and in fact I don’t care to know. I am Monotheist. I don’t research angels; I research divine illumination.

I mentioned earlier that Satan – or Lucifer – is a Morning star. Some readers might know that Morning star is mentioned in a few places in the scriptures and even in the book of the Apocalypse Michael refers to himself as a Morning star. This concept – a morning star – means an angel of light, a Lightangel.

I wish to include here a link to a great interview by Vincent Eastwood which he made with two well known ex-Witnesses, Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci. Men I can proudly call brothers or ex-brothers.

Men who do the same thing as I, to research, to reflect, and to send it forward. Please keep in mind, though exposing one religion (as a whole) to be Satanic or a sect within it, is no big deal. They are all Satanic – for Satan rules you through ideologial truths, hiding from  you the Truth of your Soul.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Exposed! Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci


There is a difficult sound at times in this recording but every word is worthy of attention. Also keep in mind that this article is meant to be understood by Witnesses and ex-Witnesses, as they have already researched so much of the topic I touch upon. If you don’t, then don’t worry, you will someday.

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