A revision of The Seven Seals articles

When I had been given the revelations which opened up to me the meaning of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, I took my time to put them down in such a way that I could easily explain them to others.

molar-14From the summer of 2012 until early 2014, I was still reflecting within myself on the scope of the seals and beginning to slowly appreciate their wisdom.

They had been coded two millenniums ago in such a way that once their time would rise, they would be self evident to anyone who’d be searching for God’s divine guidance, but invisible to the egotistical pride.

Yet I wasn’t sure if I understood them correctly or if I had the confidence in my abilities to decode them in a simple enough manner that anyone could understand and see the scope and meaning, yet leave enough for those who dig deeper and explore to the fullest.

Also I needed to take into account that people have been trained, especially in modern times, to take the simplistic or minimalist surface based view, respectively, and as such people usually view spiritual scriptures in a factual and self explanatory manner.

Rather than exploring the metaphors and layered suggestions.

In essence, when you read the tale of the seals as coded in the Bible, they don’t say Moonlandings, Televisions or Musicals, which hadn’t been invented yet, but point to a metaphysical pattern which once revealed through divine inspiration, becomes self explanatory but offering an abyss of depth.

When I wrote my decode of these revelations I had always intended to include the article on Television. While writing, as I was looking deeper into The Seal of Spiritual Awakening, I had become a little bewildered while looking into its scope.

As a consequence I shelved the Seal of the Television and divided my explanation of the spiritual awakening into two articles, adding what I named The Seal of the Hippies. I promised myself to revisit these articles at a later stage, when my understanding of the content matter would have improved, and check if I needed to revise the material.

As time moved on I began to see that my original intention, to include The Seal of The Television, became confirmed and I realized that The Seal of Spiritual Awakening and The Seal of the Hippies was in fact the same seal.

This I have now revised, yet I have neither added a link nor removed. If anyone has linked this material, the links remain intact and as a whole.

I have taken the text from the article on the seal of the Hippies and moved it to the Seal of Spiritual Awakening, under the heading The Chapter of the Hippies. Then I placed the explanations on the Seal of the Television in the article link where that text had been.

I have been careful to keep the original content which I wrote in the spring of 2014 intact and only moved one part of it to merge with another and added new content to the link where it was.

I sincerely apologize to readers who take this content matter as part of their spiritual path and education. I have mentioned many times in my video rants for the past few months that I needed to do this revision and how I would approach it. I hope that this will not inconvenience.

On a personal note, I would like to add. Now that I have been using these revelations in the fashion which I decoded them, following divine inspiration, my resolution to believe what they show, has only strengthened and fortified.

One can never follow inspiration blindly and has to test it, often tenaciously and in a careful manner, to see where they lead. I did discover early on in my spiritual development, in my late teens, the relevance of heeding this advice and am quite adept at this. It takes great skill and practice to test one’s inspiration and spiritual guidance and many let themselves be led astray.

Obviously I was careful in the beginning on how to follow the direction which I have decoded in these articles on the Seven Seals.

Yet as time has moved on, and further analysis has developed into many areas of Monotheism, it’s varied traditions, practices and theologies, and as further inspiration has fluxed, the original decode which I wrote down in 2014 still stands and has in my mind at least been further expanded on and in greater depth and confirmation.

Following the time of opening the seven seals and letting them out, so to speak, to begin a subliminal transformation of the collective conscious, I did later predict that their time would probably take four decades. If I’m right in this, then at the beginning of 2016 we would have begun to see new fruitition.

What these are, I do not know at the time of this writing. I have suspicions, but I have not received any revelations, neither new prophecies nor decypher into old ones. I have often talked about this in my video rants on Youtube and I have mentioned subtle pointers to marks which suggest that I may be right, but I may also be wrong on this point.

That’s the beauty of Monotheism. We can be sure of some things but there are always new things to discover and research, continuously we find new and fresh insights. This is truly a divinely guided and exciting faith to follow. Beware of false idols.


This is part of a series of articles about the Seven Seals.






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