Magic of monotheism

Fighting for other people’s awareness is and has always been a waste of your energy and getting you into that has always been an agenda of the forces who rule, for it keeps you occupied and hanging out to dry.

Photo4110That’s why testifying is important. You state your mind – based on your values and not on your opinions – and then move on, focusing only on your own integrity and the sanctity of your inner reality.

That will increase and strengthen your ligth, and that is what others will see and make an example out of, to do the same thing. For it’s the journey, or the path. It’s not an object to hold or to own, but a state of mind and soul which is dynamic and fluent.

It’s creative and it is unbreakable. It forms the community you desire, as a metal is drawn to a magnet and then begins to magnetize itself; it radiates.

Those who are concerned with other people’s awareness, or opinions, are generally shallow and narrow minded control freaks. You don’t want to be the metal drawn to their magnet, into their way of thinking.

You create your own.

This is one form of the magic of Monotheism. It’s creative, positive, dynamic and based on unbreakable values. That’s also why you’ve been indoctrinated to distrust magic, you don’t really know what it s.

There are many forms of magic. There’s black magic, white magic, spell-binding magic, art-forming magic, word-magic, healing magic like the sacred art of using plants to heal or using positive energy and many more.

The control freaks love to get us into a diametric one form – or two dimensional line – way of thinking, and on one side is the bad and on the other side the good; then they hypnotize you into sustaining the delusion yourself.

Notice the obsession in our dark realm with uniforms of various kind.

But there are no truths, because there’s only one truth, and it cannot be defined, as it defines itself. Once you’re with that truth, you are on a path and you cannot be defined anymore. For it’s creative.

That’s why monotheism can see that the Universe – or whatever it may be – is created.

You become what you believe in, not what you believe about. If you have been seduced to believe in dogmas, whether they’re religious or secular, you’re believing about lots of stuff but without realizing it you have been drawn into the trap of idolatry; the worship of your ego and the patterns around which it revolves.

That’s where the sin lies, believing that your ego is you, and all its delusional metaphysical models. When your Soul is you and it is eternally connected to the same source which God used to create the Universe from. The ego is just the form that your soul uses to interface with the physical realm.

You don’t have to limit yourself by self abusing definitions, whether they’re about yourself or the world or its continuity (as taught by control freaks and ideologues and authoritarians). Simple?




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