Aware or Not aware

Blood and Vaccines are regarded in most modern countries to be valid medicinal practices.

Much debate has been recently regarding vaccines in various forms and usages, and much heat has formed on the subject. Through the decades since blood transfusions began to gain weight there has as well been heated debates but less obvious to the general public.

Many are aware of growing number of people in the industrialized countries who refuse to be vaccinated, or having their children vaccinated. Of particular interest is how easily these people become target of demonization, marginalization and silencing.

This is less advertised when the debate turns to blood as medicine, yet many are aware of the case of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are well known around the world for refusing blood for religious reasons.

The owner of the site’s domain and editor/publisher of the site’s content, refuses blood transfusions and vaccinations on religious grounds – as well as organ transplants and has maintained that stand since 1986.

Tha Bible and the Koran (Qur’an) are clear about the advice from our Creator to abstain from blood, and in my opinion it applies to all three areas of aforementioned practices of the Humanist Medicine.





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