The School of Mary — or — Yeshiva of Miriam

Yeshiva is a concept of dedicated study in both written and oral tradition of spiritual science. Yeshua son of Nun (or Yehoshua son of Nun) in a sense means “Initiate of the school of Nun”.

img-coll-0548Yeshiva is best known as a Judaic tradition but the concept can apply to any scholarly discipline or Lay research, particularly in spiritual and metaphysical science.

It is interesting to note that in the worldview of Christianism, Lay work was and still is just as respected as Academic work but under the tradition of Humanism lay work has been sidelined.

Notice that in my philosophy there is a clear distinction made between Christianity in particular and Christianism in general but for the sake of brevity I will explain this in a later article.

I often use Yehoshua or Yeshua when referring to Jesus son of Mary to differentiate between the man who became an illuminated Prophet of God from the Idol of Mithraism – and the Nephilim – into which people later changed him.

As hinted above, the modern man believes himself to be englightend and intellectual, yet has often no comprehension about the science of spirit and mind which brought him into being.

Yeshua is Jesus’s name in Arameic and Yehoshua is the Hebrew version of the same name. Jesus is simply the Greek version which later became adopted into Latin and other languages.

Not many remember in common dialogues who Yehoshua son of Nun was but he was trained by the prophet Moses (or Moshe) and later he used that training to demonstrate how to find the promised land of the Divine state. He is also believed to have been a Prophet of God.

Yehoshua son of Nun was highly respected by Prophet Mohammad and you can see in Mohammads work that they both did similar things but only up to a very limited extent. The question arises; Is it possible that there was the Yeshiva of Nun, a shcool of the teachings of a spiritual philosopher named Nun, to whom Yehoshua son of Nun attended?

Please keep in mind that Mohammad himself clearly explained how the later followers of Yehoshua son of Miriam and Yusuf corrupted his teaching which actually had focused on reclarification of what the Covenant of the Divine State is – something which is now undertaken again in The Great Epoch.

I have many times explained that the events in the last days of Yehoshua son of Miriam don’t make sense unless we refilter them through at least two conspiracy theories. This I have many times shown, using the mystery of the night in the Garden of Gethsemany.

Yeshua son of Miriam means – in this respect – the school of Miriam’s teaching. Mary Magdalene and Judas Iskariot would essentially have been members of that school (and partners) and invented “the man Jesus” in order to facilitate certain teaching, which later became lost in translation and warped by idolatry.

I have many times explained – in my video archive – that “the school of Miriam”  or teachings of the Prophet Jesus were partly inspired by the school of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria.

I have also many times explained that “metaphysical teachings” or “schools of thought” always centered in ancient times on a personalized name for a figurehead and this method ensured that verbal explanations would survive through generations of study, before the age of printing.

Plato, Archimedes, Pythagoras and Aristoteles were all heads of their own schools. The published works of thought coming out of their schools, though often written by various philosphers attending these academies, were invariably attributed to the head of the school. This was the tradition in most cultures for centuries and persisted until the rise of egotistical Humanism.

Plato invented Socrates and the Socratesian dialogues in order to diversify and deepen his own teaching. This is the reason I leave the Socratesian academia out, as it existed only in Plato’s discourse.

Notice that I’m fond of the concept Spiritual Science, a concept highly favored by The School of Rudolf Steiner. I agree with Steiner that it would be valuable for our current times to resurrect that concept as an invaluable subset of Metaphysical Science.

I apologize for leaving this a bit hanging on a thread – as the foundation for this discussion has already been discussed at leangth in my video archive. I expect that some of that foundation will seep into later posts and add other threads.

I have only recently arrived at the concept of The Yeshiva and am tying it here with the philosophical tradition as we know it from the Greek, but we can easily expand that to Persian, Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian, Indian and other traditions. It’s common in our strange world to tie particular names into idolatrous distractions and it’s always a pleasure to break away from those shackles.

Eventually we will understand what it is to thread a needle with a rope made from camel hair. For two thousand years The Divine State and the Covenant which defined it has been shrouded in mystery behind many and elaborate diversions. As Yehoshua bin Miriam predicted, it has now ben re-revealed and in such a way that it’s clearly available to the whole of humanity.

In fact it can now take over it’s rightful place in an instant.




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