Obituary for Social Media in the early 21st century

I like YouTube for two reasons. It’s simplistic and fast to use as a viewer and it’s easy to upload content if you’re a private creator. I also like the possibility for the common people to publish their knowledge and opinions.

img-coll-0731In fact, when publishing my Computer Magazine in Iceland, from 1993 through 1997, I often reflected that this option was only a matter of time.

It must be said that there isn’t any other platform which comes close to YouTube in terms of these two technicalities. Still, I must confess, I’m waiting for a viable alternative.

For the past three years, YouTube has been behaving – as have most other Silicon Valley services – as a Soviet or Beijing communist censorship agency. They’ve deleted ‘what they don’t like’ based on completely biased and subjective opinions.

Obviously it is within the rights of any social-media provider to write up ‘community guidelines’ for what they accept as a viable content for their platform and audience. I have no problem with that and find it completely acceptable.

Let us for a moment reflect on two ideas; Reformation and Renaissance. The former was a reformation of the Christianist worldview and how to form a church establishment. The latter was the re-awakening of objective (non-agenda based) form of science.

The result of those two ideas was an explosion of technical, biological, political and spiritual inventions of all kinds, first in Europe, then in North-America and finally in the rest of the world.

The correct philosophical term, as an umbrella concept, for all of this, is the Age of Humanism.

Anyone who has been raised in modern schools has been told about these wonderful things and how they came about. Anyone who comes out of primary schools or advanced Academia knows for a fact, unaware that it’s a subjective opinion, that the Age of Humanism (with all its healthy fruits) was possible because of the agnostic or atheist revolt against ‘The Church’ or ‘The Religions.’

All of this is untrue. Reformation and Renaissance under the umbrella of Humanism wasn’t a revolt against The Church or The Fascism or The Religions. It was a demand for uncensored opinion and research, regardless of who the authoritarians were or what ideology they conformed to.

Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Martin Luther, Darwin, Pasteur and the rest of the venerated pioneers of science weren’t particularly against the church or the state, they simply demanded to provide an alternative view and insisted that a hypothesis should be tested to see if it could be advanced to a theory, regardless of who were in control.

The moment you censor Social Media, you censor what these men stood for and you become the catholic humanism, at the same time ignoring that catholic means Universal. The Catholic Church of Christianity – within the worldview of Christianism – claims universality openly;

Humanism cannot even admit that it has dogmatically adobted catholicism and is in the process of elevating it to Catholicism.

The fact that modern humanist children neither know the concepts which formulate their worldview, nor the concepts of Scholasticism which gave rise to the Renaissance and Reformation, is a proof of concept that modern Socialist Conformism is the sign of a dying culture.

Many people see the twists of our dying culture and many of them explain it logically with a sound reason, yet others do so a bit madly and often incoherently, but regardless of that; They are all interesting and they all have something to say. Yet you cannot anymore find them online.

Those who haven’t been burned at the stake of political correctness, have been thrown into the rivers of conditioned and brainwashed public opinion. Our economy and our politics, even reflect this.

Perhaps the best example is when Boris Johnson – whatever you may feel about him – prorogued British Parliament in the past few weeks, in September 2019. The method of prorogation is a completely acceptable and traditional method of British parliamentary procedures.

Yet; when Trotsky’ist MP’s and their shadow organizations demanded that High Court of England would judge it illegal and unconstitutional, eleven Trotsky’ist judges did exactly as demanded of them. In Socialist Concesus they provided the court sentence without any quotation of law.

The only constitution in England is Magna Carta, and it’s not even a constitution but the first entry into a whole set of non-codified procedures and traditions.

The same people were raised in the time of the Cold War; When they were often told about Stalinist Show Trials of communism. Of course they condemn Stalin, and of course they will never admit that they practice the same thing.

For modern consensus socialists, among the public or the elites, they don’t see beyond the name of the person, they cannot understand Signs and Symbols. They only understand – or pretend to understand – censored fundamentalism.

We as a culture have been conditioned by humanist school systems, brainwashing us in a same-book conformism for almost three generations. We are over-medicated, we have nothing to believe in, we don’t have control of the semantics used to define our worldviews, and we are unable to speak out about or point the way out of induced madness.

I don’t find anything interesting on Social Media anymore, and the situation will become worse in the coming years. Climate Change will soon be debunked, but it may cost us a war, if not with weapons then with our twisted minds. But that’s not the real problem: What is the climate of our minds? The inability to ask that question, that’s the problem.




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