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Seeking a divinely inspired state of mind


I have noticed that many people are seriously concerned, not about the virus or the state’s reaction, but something else which gently agitates their spirit. These things are not always easy to define when detected but when we know how to detect them, it aids us greatly. Let me make two simple examples. You’re driving in traffic and the traffic irritates you, and you believe that it’s … Continue reading

Remove the value of every concept, but not the meaning


You can take your New Information and shove it. I want to reinvestigate Old Information and then ostracize those who used it to lie to me. The word investigate means; find out what was hidden from sight. Then we can talk about something new. Do not for a minute believe that since 1955 the wars have something to do with landgains or resources. Not one of them … Continue reading

There are four kinds of people


Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people. Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why … Continue reading

When demons possess your powers


All religions in the world focus on outer deities. Except for a few which focus on esoteric understandings or spiritual philosophies. Even those focus on something outside, yet all of them know that the spiritual world reflects the making of your Soul. Everything you perceive in your life is reflected by your mind, or by the way your mind understands what comes through your senses. The only … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


The Process, is a simple and powerful attitude you can use to beat any limitations, any negative feeling, and literally any situation. There is nothing new in here, nor any magical formula to success. It’s a refined and polished best of the best seeds of successful thoughts coming from all directions and through the centuries. The process is imagined and devised – by yours truly – in … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


A simple process for dynamic living. Everything you do, every choice you make and every attitude is a process of thought. When you feel down, it’s an emotional process, when you solve situations is a mixture of emotional and intellectual process. You are not your current state of mind. You are in a state of mind and that state is formed by your attitudes, your choices. To … Continue reading

You cannot stand, sitting down


The Process has not been made into a printed book, yet.. I’m not even sure if it ever will be. Simply I don’t care. What matters to me is how it came to be, what it is, and how it transformed my soul. Transformed my life. Your life is created and shaped by your soul. If your life isn’t on the path of your happiness, then you’re … Continue reading