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Seeking a divinely inspired state of mind


I have noticed that many people are seriously concerned, not about the virus or the state’s reaction, but something else which gently agitates their spirit. These things are not always easy to define when detected but when we know how to detect them, it aids us greatly. Let me make two simple examples. You’re driving in traffic and the traffic irritates you, and you believe that it’s … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


The Process, is a simple and powerful attitude you can use to beat any limitations, any negative feeling, and literally any situation. There is nothing new in here, nor any magical formula to success. It’s a refined and polished best of the best seeds of successful thoughts coming from all directions and through the centuries. The process is imagined and devised – by yours truly – in … Continue reading

Using more of your mind


I have often heard people say something like “humans only use about 10% of their minds” and often it’s hinted that we might be able to use more of it. I don’t really agree, yet I find the question fascinating. Can we use more of our minds? Was the great prophet Jesus able to use more of his mind than we do? If he did, what was … Continue reading

Waters edge


This morning I woke up late and vowed never again to order pizza late at night, and absolutely never again have a glass of milk on a belly full of blue-cheese pizza. Only God knows how often I’ve promised myself to cook healthy fastfood when pizza-craving knocks. Today is Saturday and most of Reykjavík is travelling the country or feasting somewhere out of town. The first weekend … Continue reading

To conform and shut up, or not


I am like everyone else. Therefore I have nothing to say. I have nothing to add to that. Of course I can, like everyone else, talk about it all day long. We all like to fart with our mouths, and it’s fun. We are the only animal on this planet who can formulate unlimited thought-cocktails with sounds. Pay attention: I didn’t say that we are the only … Continue reading

You cannot stand, sitting down


The Process has not been made into a printed book, yet.. I’m not even sure if it ever will be. Simply I don’t care. What matters to me is how it came to be, what it is, and how it transformed my soul. Transformed my life. Your life is created and shaped by your soul. If your life isn’t on the path of your happiness, then you’re … Continue reading