Many words exist. Every spoken word exists somewhere – floating.
As long as it’s remembered. You can choose to forget words.
You can choose to let them pass. You can choose to keep those which matter.
You always have a choice.

Every word that is spoken, whispered, with loving intent: grows inside.
Sometime those who give you the most, are those you did not hear.
Sometime the words you give will grow, sometimes they destroy.

Many persons have much to say, few say what counts the most,
everyone has something to say. Every single one of us has a meaning,
a spirit, a saying.

Inside you is a myth and inside you there are pathways.
Around you are all the others: Everyone in your path is there for a meaning
and everyone has a part to play. Every single one offers you a choice.
Every choice you have comes around and around.

Many times, every day, you have a choice and you always choose.
Every day you choose who you are. Every choice affects the world around,
and the world – in turn – shapes you.

Choose the fruits of you with care: Choose with care, not always to wisely.
Be it gentle or rough: Make your choice count and make life
worthy of your gift, the gift you were given: Life itself.




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