Every person in your life, as long as you remember, is a part of you.
Some persons came across your path just for an instant
and are remembered more clearly than anyone else.
Some of them you miss painfully.

It takes a sensitive spirit to find that they will always be with you,
always be part of you. That they were part of you before
and they will always be part of you. Whatever you wish for
and whichever path you lead, they are contained within life itself.

As long as you exist, this life or in another,
they will not go far. They are part of you.
You are part of them. You will meet again.

Make sure what matters the most. Send them your love,
your gratitude: a wellbeing. Make sure that the way you are part of them,
is a part of love, not part of sorrow or grief. Send them love and feel assured
– by the great spirit – that we are part of one another.

This way, make your positive self, give to them.
This way, somehow, receive what they can give to you.
Make healing a path between you and this way,
you will meet sooner than your grief whispers to you.




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