Do you feel that you’ve failed?
Have you tried to lose weight and failed?
Have you failed at the gym?
Have you lost something valuable?
Have you hurt someone?
Have you cheated?

Do you feel bad about you failing?
Do you feel bad about you?

Do you know negative energy?
That your negative thoughts hurt others?
Can you let go of the hurt others have given you?
Do you want them to suffer?
Is your suffering because of those who don’t forgive you?

I can stop their curses from reaching you.
I can stop yours from reaching them.

I forgive you – if only you ask – all bad you’ve done.
I forgive you your own failings, so can you.
Give love, and forgiveness, to those who don’t deserve it.
You will reap love, pleasure, streangth, harmony.

Forgive others, forgive yourself. I do.
Ask forgiveness from me and from you.
It creates the energy you all wish for.

Create forgiveness. Create love.




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Alchemist and a prophet of God, with passion for training dogs. Like a perfect poetry; Doesn't get any better than that.

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