You are allowed

The great spirit whispered to me once and I heard those words:
You can do what you want, your particular blessing is on its way.
There is so often that you fear to be yourselves.
How you should be, what you should not do and what-not. Especially what-not.

As simple as it is you can play around with life, and around and with people.
You can free yourself from all your dreams and fears, and be.
Simply be whoever you wish to be.
The greatest fear is when you form society, or closer yet: Relationships.

When you choose “not to do” what you want, “not to be” who you want,
for the sake of others whom you love, or which love you desire.
When you take the chance that secretly, they won’t as well.
That they don’t play according to the general rules
and that you will one day realize some lies and your – our – spirit will suffer greatly.

You do not have to succumb to this fear at all, and you should not.

Someone asks you to play to the rules and you will.
The same person seems to, but secretly has another face,
another set of rules only for herself. The person has been hurt in life
and feels that noone can be trusted anyway and chooses to be untrustworthy herself.

When you find that out you will be hurt. You should not be hurt.
Don’t be hurt because you loved someone that has chosen a false life
and false relationship: Be glad when you find out, and move on.
Trust that I will guide you forward.

Above all, if you all of the time are true to being who you want and wish to be,
and how you want to be: Then you will be blessed and you will be free:
Simply do what you want with yourself and promise nothing to noone.
You are blessed and you can be free.

Play with your life and its opportunities.
Remember to respect other peoples feelings,
remember to honor your relationships,
to keep your promises, and you cannot fail.

First and last:
Respect The Great Spirit which connects us all.
You will see the fruits of the spirit in your life.






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