Original sin

Today I was walking in nature,
thinking about many things.
Mostly just minding my own business.
It was a cloudy day.

I wandered to the concept of the original sin –
Christian, Muslim and Hebrew.
Most people believe it has something to do with sex.

A lot of people have problems regarding sex.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s perfectly natural to have problems.

Some people have problems with their checkbooks
and others with feelings,
or some other kind of problems.

It dawned on me that the original sin has nothing to do with sex.
Sex can be a very intimate connection between people,
be it lovemaking or just innocent games.
It should, it’s just like any other communication between persons.

People hurt each other with words,
and with sex, and of course in other ways.
The problem is hurting other people.

There’s no need to hurt others.
Mostly you only hurt yourself.

The original sin is this:
“Not to be connected to your inner spirit and
therefore not connected to The Great Spirit”.
This is the original sin.

At that moment came an opening in the clouds,
and the sun gave me one strong
and warm beam of light.

To be alive, is to love. To love is to be a balanced soul,
in spirit and in body. In harmony, with oneself,
with others and with The Great Spirit.
Therefore with everything around you.

When you have this harmony,
you will not hurt others with sex,
nor with words, or in any other way.






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