Warm embrace

The Great Spirit is a part of you, your soul, your being:
Your own spirit is part of.

No matter how you live, and no matter where you turn:
The Great Spirit is always there for you.

Somtimes you find, at mysterious turns in your life,
through human angels how it is always with you.
At every single step in your life.

Sometimes it makes you smile, how The Great Spirit knows you,
sends you what you need when you need it.
How you are taught, and how you are taken care of.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to see this,
sometimes it is thrust in your face.
Sometimes it is given as a farewell at a journey’s start.

It can make you shiver, when you look back.
That in your sillyest moments was a spirit guide sent just for you.
Someone embraced you in warm love.

Love which took you across a hard stream.
Stream you wouldn’t have chosen, but chose.
Chose because it was beyond your control.

Sometimes you are sent someone from the past,
just to make you remember.
Remember that you are worth more than you believe.

Remember that you are above all worth the effort of life.
That lively spark which lives in all of us, in our spirits.

Often you are taught through grief, hardship and toughness of life.
When you truly learn from the lessons,
you will find that only love grows inside you.

Your own spirit gives others a warm embrace.
For sometimes The Great Spirit can send you as an angel for someone else.
Just like others have sometimes been your angels.

Remember that quite suddenly, at the snap of a silent hour,
can someone turn up and make you remember;
That a warm embrace of The Great Spirit, is always open to you.
It will not help you to forget the lessons you’ve learned.




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