Word matters

Life on this planet is difficult and hard. If we were individuals we wouldn’t survive, but we aren’t individuals. We are a community. We are thinking creatures who ask ourselves difficult questions. And we answer all of them according to our background and personal taste.

When we live – or work – in a group we have to conform to the collective sub-conscious of that group, whatever we like. We have to pay lipservice to the leaders and we have to make ourselves accepted.

Some of us object to that and decide to explore life differently. We refuse to bow our head to those we cannot respect and we refuse to accept any truth unless it has a proven value.

We have successfully created a diverse and colorful history. Different cultures and customs are varied and sometimes complicated, sometimes simple. What is most interesting of all is our duality: At one moment we are fierce predators and at another moment we are romantic and gentle poets.

This website is about one man’s journey – a philosophic exploration – to be just that. A human being living a joyful life, in duality and hopefully reaching maturity of perception.





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About Guy Ellis

Alchemist and a prophet of God, with passion for training dogs. Like a perfect poetry; Doesn't get any better than that.

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