No sermons, no preaching

“God’s Will” took me by surprise. I never intended to record it and never expected to be trusted with it. I had resisted the inspiration for two years and was made to suffer for it. Six months after I recorded it and put it online I removed it and was made to suffer more.

God sent someone into my path in order to remind me and there was no mistaking the message, God’s Will cannot be resisted and it wants to be published.

And there it is.

As it happens with spiritual insight, it takes unexpected turns. There are others listening to, and using, the new prophecies. They are taking on a life of their own. Currently I’m preparing to re-record the whole thing. The original was recorded as it was inspired and published online. As is clear to anyone, my broken english is, well, broken.

I am also inspired, as the others, by this message. Every time I listen to it I find something new which I wasn’t even aware of at the time of my own voice being used to transmit. Therefore I intend to re-record everything, keeping to its integrity, simply to polish the language where necessary, and only where absolutely necessary.

This kind of work takes time and diligence. Until then the original is available online, perhaps it always will be.

But from time to time I am inspired by my own spirit to reflect on The Message. Reflection is just that. An inspired thought, put forth in words, by a human reflecting on God. To preach or to hold sermons shall be left to priests of The Religions, but the prophet will only reflect.

The reflections will be published here, in this Catogory “Inspirations”.




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