Where ever you are

If you seek me, I will feel it.
If  you search for me, I will show my self.
If you wish to know me, I will invite you in.
If you wish to live with me, I will look after you.

To me there is a pathway,
and my path is not obvious.
My place is everywhere,
yet it is not easy to see.

To loose sight of me, is easy,
to wander away from me is easy.
To doubt me is easy,
to find me again, is easy.

Once you know me, you will know.
Once you see me, you will see.
Once you hear me, you will hear.
Once you are with me, you are clear.

Everywhere you go, you will be mine.
Everything you do, will be in me.
Everything you say, will be towards me.
Everything in your life, will be part of me.

If you own things.
If you have people.
If you have souls.
If you are lost.
If you have nothing.
If you are nothing.

I will be part of you.

Everywhere you are in life.
Everything you do in life.
Everything you feel, anywhere, anyhow:
I am with you.

Nothing else will matter, deep in your soul.
No matter how you sometimes feel.
No matter how scared, or tired you will sometimes be.
Your path, and my path, will lead to others, and to life.




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