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Seven incomplete mindsets


The man Yehoshua from Galilee was an inspired prophet, whose Guardian angel is known as Michael. He appeared within a world of rigid mindset. He successfully proved it void and was killed for it. Since then he has been turned into an idol. The worshippers of the idol are waiting for the same man to come back and give them redemption for not understanding his inspiration. When someone … Continue reading

The Angel of the Nirvana


When we turn to the last of the seven angels we find the hardest decipher. The Archangel makes it clear that he’s consider carefully his message and that he’s quite concerned. He praises the angel and then gives him a harsh and clear rebuke. This brings us to the mindset of the Eastern religions; Buddha, Tao, Confucius, Shinto, Hindu, or Angel of the Eastern mindsets. When we … Continue reading

The Angel of Islam’ism


The word Philadelphia is already famous in our history. The city where the American Republic was formed bears its name and this name is amazingly popular when naming Christian congregations and related sects. This brings us to the mindset of Islam, or the Angel of the Islam mindset. A mindset which at the time of prophecy was unknown. The word Philo is a Greek name for brotherly … Continue reading

The Angel of Humanism


I was tempted when glimpsing into the inspiration of the Seven Angels to put all of it differently. Then I understood that in order to read my own inspiration I had to read a bit of history of each city in order to read the inspiration of John. This brings us to the Mindset of Science and Atheism or Angel of Humanism. Sardis was an exceptional city … Continue reading

The Angel of Mysticism


At first when you read the history of Thyatria there doesn’t seem so much to see. It seems a small and innocent town and the message to be to a christian church of standing. Once you glean between the lines and delve deeper there awaits a plethora of spirutal gems. This brings us to Mindset of Mysticism, folklore and shallow entertainment, or The Angel of Mysticism. We … Continue reading

The Angel of Idolatry


The city of Pergamos is of special interest to me and for the unlikeliest of reasons. The city was a place of political turmoil and shifting winds through out its history in Roman times and even in Greek times. This brings us to the mindset of Politics, Compromise and the Current interests in economy and power, or the Angel of idolatry. The politics of the city were not … Continue reading

The Angel of Judaism


In Smyrna was for a long time a stronghold of Hebraism which after 70 CE became known as Judaism. The city was excellently located for travel and people from the twelve tribes of Israel found it conventient to establish base for trade  and communication. This brings us to the mindset of Judaic or Hebraic and Zionist worldview or the Angel of the mindset of Judaism. As time evolved … Continue reading

The Angel of Christianity


The city of Ephesus is the most famous of the seven  cities or churches mentioned in the Revelation of John or The Book of Apocalypse. The city was originally Greek but later it became a center of Roman power and culture. This brings us the mindset of the Christian religions or the Angel of Christianity. As such it was renowned for religious and philosophical activities. In one … Continue reading

The Seven churches in Asia


Once I received the inspiration, or perhaps it was a revelation, that the Seven Seals of the lamb had already been opened and that the second coming of The Christ had already dawned; like a thief in the night. I have already written down and explained what this revelation meant and shown how the seven seals represent seven breathtaking events flowing into our history and transforming our … Continue reading