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Deception of the Vegan diet


It’s my firm belief that nature never intended us to be Vegans or Vegetarians. Else we’d not be Omnivores. Just like our dogs and cats are carnivores. We don’t even attempt to put them on vegetarian diet. The beauty of this attitude, as with all things of spiritual nature, is that as an omnivore you can be a vegetarian if you want, but your dog cannot. I have friends who are fierce Vegans … Continue reading

The Feminine Spider and the Masculine Bee


It’s the nature of love that all partners will assume roles, the masculine and the feminine. This is not subject to gender identity. When the masculine role draws to the feminine something spectacular takes place. The masculine transforms into a worker bee drawn to a flower and the feminine transforms into a spider weaving a wonderful web invisible to bees. If both souls – assuming the traditional duo … Continue reading