The Feminine Spider and the Masculine Bee

It’s the nature of love that all partners will assume roles, the masculine and the feminine. This is not subject to gender identity. When the masculine role draws to the feminine something spectacular takes place.


The masculine transforms into a worker bee drawn to a flower and the feminine transforms into a spider weaving a wonderful web invisible to bees.

If both souls – assuming the traditional duo – are in harmony; the bee will never realize that it is stuck in the elasticity of the web but from then on will lose interest in but pollen from one flower and the spider will make the web visible to all other bees.

This is normal and we all want it. Focus on the word harmony and then add the concept of courage. All too many bees get lost in bad webs and all to many spiders are weaving their wonders for bees with bad pollen.

To break free from disharmony takes courage and faith in one’s own destiny.

When a masculine entity is drawn to the invisible web of the feminine, it often forgets to evaluate the effect of what unity it might create. Focusing on the appearance and on how it feels to touch makes it forget that you cannot build harmony with a feminine that is void of meaning.

The same principle applies to the feminine, yet what draws her to the masculine is a feminine secret.

When you are in a relationship out of harmony you invariably feel torture, from the inside to the outside. It poisons who you are and also will affect deeply the “what you are.” This means that though you can keep up appearances and care for your role at work or in other social engagements, you won’t be fully there and your feedback will show it.

When this takes place you will use any excuse your mind comes up with to justify your stay in the relationship and continue to torture your soul and without realizing it, you will spiritually become a violent offender to everyone close to you.

In this respect it doesn’t matter if you are a victim or a cause for the disharmony; for there is never one responsible for what two are involved in. A relationship that begins out of harmony will grow in harmony.

Sometimes we have to wait for a while and use our insight and discretion to discover what reality is involved with our relationships. Often patience and diligence – and respect – are the tools we use to discover the nature. Once  this nature is discovered, and if we are sure, then we must break it, no matter how painful it is.

Two points are often forgotten when this is considered. One is that we forget that the disharmony is hurting others, whether it is the other partner or if children are involved. When disharmony begins to turn into poison you won’t see the long term effect of it.

Breaking the bond of poison can be the most loving act that you can do.

The other point is, that when the masculine and feminine have healed, and when they both know what they stand for – and therefore have the courage to define a meaning to their lifes, they can find harmony again.





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