Deception of the Vegan diet

It’s my firm belief that nature never intended us to be Vegans or Vegetarians. Else we’d not be Omnivores. Just like our dogs and cats are carnivores. We don’t even attempt to put them on vegetarian diet.

2009-08agu-001The beauty of this attitude, as with all things of spiritual nature, is that as an omnivore you can be a vegetarian if you want, but your dog cannot.

I have friends who are fierce Vegans and some of them strongly oppose the slaughter and digestion of animal products. Some even go so far as to object to dairy products.

I respect their views, and particularly because often these views are emotional in nature though they are commonly enforced with superficial logic which indicates that they are not always aware of their emotional imprisonment.

Sometimes they use shallow logic but logic nonetheless, and it is my personal and view that opinions and emotions of others should be respected as far as possible.

Particularly I support the view that keeping animals as machinery on dairyfarms or meatfarms is immoral to say the least. It hurts my sensitivity strongly to see animals kept as machines and when my Vegan friends fight that battle and I strongly support their fight, particularly because my battlefield is elsewhere and I can’t divide my attention.

Secretly I sometimes tease those friends of mine because many of them keep a cat or a dog. How can I not tease them, if the intention is love?

Nature has a way of shocking us to remind us of something. For example as ferocious a carnivores can be they usually try to do their business in as *humane* manner as possible and it’s interesting how the industrial consumers culture has lost its touch with nature and has distanced itself from its own spiritual nature.

We should always be mindful of our place in the natural order. Our culture has become lost in meaning and content, overflowing with superficial and technological babble. We debate our emotional worldview and disregard the natural one.

We are human beings and Nature has made us, using divine inspiration, to give us an opportunity for a greater something, yet to be uveiled. When we deny herbivores their destiny we might be committing a deeper crime than the one we commit when taking their lives and eating them.

Intention should always be love, one way or another. It sometimes takes sensitive insight to see love as it is and not as you want it to be.

We live in an egotistical world of two dimensional idolatry and have done so for thousands of years, for a reason. We are imprisoned, with our own consent, in a world culture of deceptions shrouded in illusions of various kinds.

The forest of the mind has become a thick rainforest where even the sharpest machete finds it hard to cut the way through.

That being said; if you’re vegan or not, stay in tune with your soul and safeguard it. Your soul is the only real substance and the spiritual war is for its imprisonment and slavery. If this were easily seen and understood, the human mind would have freed itself long time ago.






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