Seven incomplete mindsets

The man Yehoshua from Galilee was an inspired prophet, whose Guardian angel is known as Michael. He appeared within a world of rigid mindset. He successfully proved it void and was killed for it.

Since then he has been turned into an idol. The worshippers of the idol are waiting for the same man to come back and give them redemption for not understanding his inspiration.

When someone inspired reappears, guarded by the Archangel Michael, it will be in a world of seven rigid mindsets, again proving them wrong but this time with different result.

Last time when this spirit of insight walked the earth he said something entirely new.

His message was clear and it transformed or inspired something new in the minds of men. Therefore the second time he inspires people, he will do that again. He will introduce an entirely new insight, somehow built on his last one; and as it transformed once it will transform seven times over.

When you admit to a mindset, knowingly or unknowingly, you submit to its control. It will allow you a carved out space within its walls. You’ll see that some adherents are rewarded and others punished, and you will see some others leaving for another.

Rarely will you see someone shedding all mindsets and thus become outcasts. Some do though because they are mad and others because of physical madness.  Beware of the one who is mad, for if you proceed to understand his madness it will affect you deeply.

Either you allow his madness to affect your worldview which threatens to make you also an outcast, or you will do worse.

When you understand the value of true freedom for your Soul you will be tempted by angels of different mindsets to compromise your soul for egotistical values from different mindsets; there are plenty. When before you were a slave to a mindset you were so unknowingly, this time knowingly. This time you will sell it and you define whose side you’re on.

This is why people like the prophets are so often outcasts. For their flame burns other peoples precious illusions or self deceptions. Is there a simple solution? Yes, actually there is. But it is a secret, a secret I will reveal to you.

I am a little bit proud of how I have deciphered the message to The Seven Churches, not the least because of how many overlook that it is a message to Seven Angels. I try to put this pride away because I did not invent this insight from my own intelligece but was inspired to see it and had to work hard in order to decipher it and write it down.

My pride has more to do with a sense of gratitude or humility, because I know how many wise men and women have tried to decipher these messages and most of them were far better educated than I am and far more versed in academic research than I do.

I used to belong to a religious Christian sect almost thirty years ago. The indoctrination within the mindwalls of this sect places great emphasis on the Book of Apocalypse, or Book of Revelations. I did of course read all the material related at the time but found holes in the material. Mainly I find holes in all material regarding this issue, not the least in my own work.

The point I am making is that there are millions of people who have wanted to understand this great work and still do.

Many place high hopes on it and aspirations and many have allowed other people to enslave their creative thinking or their souls within sects and other fear-inspired traditions hoping for some kind of destruction of the physical world and along with it all the ones they feel to be evil or different.

I do not belong with these people. In fact I am totally outside any religious mindset and wish to remain that way. I have received amazing insights which I have documented to the best of my ability and actually at great cost to my material well being. That work would have been impossible without aid from people who pursue God’s great values.

When we look at history of mankind, now is the only time in our history when spiritual mindsets are openly agreeing that they represent ideology rather than a thinking inspired by Angelic or Demonic beings. Even the Christian religions hardly remind you that Satan or Lucifer is a Lightangel just like Michael.

Even the Book of Enoch which discusses at great length the 200 angels who openly walked the earth and interbred with humans. There is almost complete neglect or avoidance of the eight other realms of spiritual beings. Even our own culture doesn’t figure out that if we were spiritual beings our world would appear solid to us.

Noone seems to realise that the spiritual being is as eternal as the universe and if our souls are really a spiritual being having a material experience then there is a gateway for that soul to receive input from angelic, demonic, or any spiritual being; and possibly interact or give back the harm or good they might choose.

We live in an ever more confusing spiral of mindsets, ideas, idologies and influences on our minds, completely ignorant of the spiritual war waged for the creative powers of our souls. Creative powers which can – if Noah and Enoch are to be believed – be used for tremendous good or tremendous evil according to our choices.

As the Bible – and most religionsists and spiritualists will agree with – says that Angels (or Demons) are real and live for a very long time; longer than we’d like to admit. They can obviously be made responsible for nurturing a certain mindset and create different worlds within minds (and hearts) of men.

But how can one know for certain which religion, ideology, mindset or any other teaching, one should follow?

That’s the point; you can only read into these signs on a personal level. You can only find and approach God through an honest search for him – or her – and you can only pursue that relationship as with all relationship; personally without interference of other persons. Regardless of the origin of those persons, man’s or spirit’s.

That is the foundation of all my writings, both the ones in Icelandic and English. But how do you leave a mindset?

You cannot leave a systematic thinking for that’s how your brain operates. You can on the other hand cease to define Good and Evil, you can throw away the fruit: You can cease placing values on your ideas. You can trash all those values, every single one.


This is the ninth and last article about the Seven Churches or Seven Angels of the Apocalypse






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