Verse 59. The Root of The Faith

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I do not wish to create a congregation of God. I am not claiming any new understanding of God in any form of religion, nor am I forming a religious enterprise of any kind. No prophet ever has tried to accomplish that.

Do not be deceived. There are people who have appeared in history and tried to form a new congregation, a new way of believing, a new way of understanding from the roots of older faiths, therefore building secular sects. They are not prophets of God.

There are prophets of God who have appeared on this planet, giving messages from God and a new way of religion has been formed to worship God. By the followers of that prophet; this is different.

Many people, who hear one prophet or another, have out of the respect for the message tried to preserve the spirit of the message in one way or another for their own spiritual benefit. There is nothing wrong with this and there is nothing unnatural about this.

This is the reason why there are many branches on the tree of faith. Which this prophet simply calls “The Faith” and sometimes “The Religion”. There is only one tree, there are many branches, and they all grow from the same root.

To form a new religion is a needless enterprise because there is only One Faith. The root of the faith comes from the knowledge of “The I” that there is more to life than appears or than meets the eye, and the need of every person to form an answer to the primary question of life after death and the meaning of life.

Every human being forms an answer to this question. Some go to the extreme of denying the existence of God and that is one branch on the tree.

You see? Every prophet knows this. There is One True God. There is one Universe amongst many universes and behind those universes there is something else.

You see – life is endless. It is without beginning, it is without end, it is in a circle. Just like the perfect form of the sun or the moon is a circle.

But to paint houses in different colors is very natural, because diversity of the human family is only beautiful and just. But when the branches of The Faith quarrel and make war with one another; that is not God’s will.

You see – there are evil powers in our universe. Therefore it is the destiny and it is the creed and necessity of every follower of God to be a warrior. His warrior, in his war, against evil.

God bless.




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