Verse 58. Willpower

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I have no idea why. I might just be mad. But I know one thing about spirituality and history. Through all timelines of the human kind, mad people have often been regarded as holy.

Western society, is the first society, first timeline, which tries to lock them up and give them drugs or tie them down. A holy person, a mad person, often connects through the madness to God, in one way or another. Respect what you cannot understand!

This verse is about Will.

It is only through willpower that you can truly know yourself, and it is only through the understanding of what willpower is that you understand and can understand what willpower of God is. And the further you know God’s will, the less you will be deceived by the world and the more you will understand that everything is not what it seems.

There are people who have believed that they were doing God’s work of good and kind but were doing anything but. There are people who believed that they were doing Evil, and they were doing Good. All of them were doing according to their will.

Nobody in his right mind should ever claim that his willpower is created by reason and feelings stemming only from himself. Anyone who has done silly things under the influence of his own anger or under the influence of alcohol should understand this.

If you have ever done anything in anger, being consumed with it and under its control, then you know what willpower is.

Willpower is the strength of your spirit to do what is unavoidable for you. That’s how simple it is. As if you’re caught in a landslide it will bury you, especially if you fight it. If you relax into it and swim in it, and trust that it is ok to be crushed by it, you actually might survive it.

Life is always interesting. And your willpower is no less meaningful than the willpower of a landslide.

Go with God, be kind; be strong in will.

God bless.




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