Process of positive willpower

A simple process for dynamic living.

Everything you do, every choice you make and every attitude is a process of thought. When you feel down, it’s an emotional process, when you solve situations is a mixture of emotional and intellectual process.

You are not your current state of mind. You are in a state of mind and that state is formed by your attitudes, your choices.

To transform your attidude, towards anything, requires a process of habitual thinking. When you choose to forgive, is a process. When you choose to change your mind about something, is a process. When you solve grief, is a process. Everything in your emotional life and also most of your intellect, is a process.

When you make a choice to do something and you begin taking steps towards the goal, you create willpower. Strong willpower is no more than a habit of making choices and carrying them out. Weak willpower is simply the habit of making choices and hoping for the outcome. Between the two is a process of transforming your willpower, your thinking and your attitude.

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