Verse 57. Fighting the Will of God

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am a reluctant prophet.

I have fought the will of God and I have had arguments with God. I have had arguments with God regarding Good and Evil and Destinies and The Meaning of different matters, and I have resisted his will regarding my becoming a prophet.

He won – every time – I believe.

I believe.

Following is a profound insight, into God and God’s will. If you do not express what you stand for then you stand for nothing. If you do not expose yourself through your expression to the world, you are nothing. If you strive to save your life by avoiding expressing what you are then you lose it.

Another great prophet, surely a much greater prophet than Guy Ellis, has said this in almost the same words before.

You see – I am Guy Ellis. I am expressing how I see this. Do you see?

There is no prophet of God who has ever come forth with any different message from the one that is given in these verses of the prophet. Every prophet through history of mankind connects to the same channel to God and brings messages and insight back into life by the will of God. This is an eternal stream.

Sometimes they express it with their words in the way they see life and humanity but the message is always the same and it has always the same clarity and force of life.

I myself am nothing. God is everything.

I am an instrument of God’s will. I cannot be anything else.

As much as I’d like, I first have to do God’s work before I can do mine. I will be able to do mine as well, and from time to time I may have to make other prophecies.

I have no idea where God’s will is leading me. I have no idea where my destiny will be taking me. I know only one thing. It will be closer to love, closer to the joy of life, and it will be closer to the will of God, closer to something very beautiful, nice, and eternal he intends to introduce to his creation. Or maybe he already has.

You see, I do not need to understand everything now. I am assured that I will understand more and more as eternity unfolds. Particularly as I am prepared to seek answers and ask questions. Even if I am from time to time a bit disobedient.

Thank God that even if sometimes when I have been disobedient I did not need a good discipline every time. Because the few times I have been disciplined by God has not always been pleasant.

God bless.




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