Verse 56. Without sin

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

You are a child of God and so am I. God loves you, he loves me. You are without sin, so am I! Not always easy to believe is it?

Every human being is aware of a sin. Of course we are. Because we have spent so much time wrapped up, disconnected from our core, therefore not in connection with God and we regret it. We regret those times when we misbehaved, we regret those times when we were silly, stupid, unintelligent, immature.

We regret and we are ashamed of things we have done shamefully. The first deep regret of Guy Ellis, nobody knows of, and it was nothing he did; it was something he thought.

God has sent to us other beings to show this to us and explain this to us, through our dogs and our cats and other animals around us. The only sin there is; is not to be connected to your spiritual core.

Your soul is the source from which you can connect to God and know his will and know how he is and what he is, or she if this is how you perceive God.

God is more interested in the nature of the spiritual than how it appears. What names you put to it. A yes sounds like a “YES!” is not a Yes, and a no is not the same as “NO”.

Do not be deceived by which expressions on the faces some people use words. Hear the tone of their voice joined with the reflection in their eyes and together with context. That’s how you know if they are with sin or without. You can seek to be without.

A feeling of regret and a feeling of joy is just a feeling. But the sensation of the soul can tell you and help you to understand the validity of your feelings. Feelings are sometimes immature and sometimes mature. Feelings have a way of deceiving you. Feelings have a way of misleading you.

When you are connected to the core of your soul and not to the meaning of words someone else or yourself has taught you; you will know how to sort out your feelings and find your way. Sometimes we have to travel a long distance within ourselves, through time and rough times, and hardship within, in order to learn how to deal with our feelings.

God bless.




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