Verse 50. Secret of seeing

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Some prophets you might meet and not recognize them. Sometimes you meet angels and you do not recognize them. Angels are not only spiritual creatures; they are not only spirits of the night or an unseen world.

Angels are those carrying forth the will of God, for the sake of others and not for their own sake. And sometimes an angel is so without even knowing that he is.

It is not the intention of this prophet to claim who is a prophet or not but there are names in his mind which he holds in esteem for their insight which has aided him – this particular prophet – and find his own path towards God and prepared him to receive the verses from God.

One name comes to mind of Alan Watts who was a philosopher who made beautiful recordings about his observations about life. Another name has also come across of John Trudell who has made many talks and poetry of profound insight about life and living on this planet and other subjects. Carl Gustav Jung is a name of someone who spent a lifetime researching the nature of the human soul in a way not many have had the courage to do.

A list of names of inspiring people could go on for eternity. It is not the intention of this prophet and it is not the subject matter of these verses about God’s will to make a list of all the prophets of God.

Most prophets of God choose to be nameless and are often unknown to the world of public records. They prefer to work like God; doing their diligent work in accountability and dependability, but mainly in secret. Especially because much of this world is shrouded in various entanglements of evil and under its control.

We prefer to do the good work where we can and not to cause up any kinds of confusion and quarrelling. We like to work in peace and to provide what insight and knowledge we can provide for the benefit of others.

This verse has more to do with you opening up your eyes and ears to the prophets at large. It takes insight, respect, time and prayer.

You can offer a prayer to God asking for his guidance to hear the messages of the prophets. There are many; young and old, male and female.

God bless.




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