Verse 49. Truth

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God

Today I will speak to you about truth. Truth is the most elusive concept in this Universe.

Truth is something we all believe we have. Truth is something we all believe we will never have. Truth is something we all believe that nobody else has. Truth is at the same time something everybody else has not, but wants. So forth and so on.

You see, truth is very complicated. And truth will set you free.

Truth is not about, the truth regarding walking on water. You cannot walk on water. You cannot breathe under water, you cannot fly. There is no truth about this; it is the law of physics.

No-one can supersede these laws. Those who claim otherwise are doing something unnatural, unbalanced; they are trying to convince you of something. Kind and good and love does not try to convince you of anything, only evil does.

This is the truth.

And this is why so many people through so many centuries have been entwined in deceptions. Because they are searching for truth, searching for the meaning of life. There is none, there is only love. Love and joy of life are sisters.

There is no higher meaning to life except for one thing and one thing only: Love and joy of life. Joy for living, lust for life, nothing else matters.

Love – is pro-life. It is not pro-death. It is honest, it’s dependable, it’s accountable, it’s firm, it is kind and it does not deceive. It does not try to control anyone. It simply is.

And you know love by someone loving you, and you know love by loving something else or someone else because you cannot love dead objects. You can only love living beings, because love is not about owning and you can never own anything which is alive.

I do not own my dogs, they choose to stay with me, I choose to take care of them, I love them, they love me, we are bound together; we are part of each others destinies. Owning has nothing to do with love.

Caring for something is much closer to love. Someone claiming to love someone and claiming to own that someone at the same time; needs re-adjustment of terms.

You see – this is the truth, and this sets you free.

You are free to be whoever you want and love whoever you want. You are free to do whatever you please, you are not bound by any rules or any engagements to anything except to what is true in your heart – and to what creates your joy for life.

Pursue your joy of life. Pursue love in the purest form.

When you know those two – joy and love – when you know them you cannot explain them and no-one can explain them to you; and that is truth. In the same way in which, if you glare at the sun in the middle of day, then the light is so bright that it burns your eyes and it’s the same with truth when it shines upon your soul: You need sunglasses.

God bless.




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