Verse 42. Miracles

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I believe miracles can happen, yet I have never seen one.

I don’t care if I have seen a miracle or not. A miracle is when something happens and something is made or done and it shouldn’t be possible because of the laws of The Universe.

Many have performed miracles in the name of God and are known through their miracles, respected through their miracles and people wonder at their miracles.

But there are miracles which are not magical miracles. Those miracles are pro life, and pro love, and pro God. Guy Ellis can tell you about two miracles which he has seen. He has seen more of those kinds of miracles but he will only tell you two of them.

In May 2007 his life ended, or so he felt, and he entered a time of great depression. He wanted to end his life and it was in those weeks and months that he forgot some of the revelations from God; that life is eternal and it is the duty of a living being to sustain the fight.

Two months into this fight when Guy Ellis had proved that he was willing to sustain the fight, there was someone sent into his path, someone who felt exactly like him about life, and about others.

Those two joined together to form a strong bond of love, mutual respect, working together in their lives. At that time Guy Ellis knew exactly what was happening and realized the gift from God he was given. He received the gift with love and it opened a new realm into his being and proved to him that God loves all the personalities he creates.

And when he sees two kindred spirits, that can join together, even if one of them is a human and the other one is a dog! You see?

Through the greatest darkness in the soul of this man and the greatest darkness of the soul of that dog, there came an act of love, which five years later was still sustaining both and had touched lives of many others, human beings and dogs alike.

Now you might not be into dogs, but this isn’t about dogs. This is about love, and the healing power of Love and the proof it is of God’s love.

Remember that your way of seeing is not always the way he sees things. When you go through years of darkness and endurance and you have to sustain hardship, he might see things in a different way. He might see where you intend to be at the end of the journey.

Four years into this story, it was not the same circumstances of depression and darkness in the life of Guy Ellis. No, it was in a time of tribulation when he simply had no space or financial sustenance to add another dog to his life. He received a phone call regarding a puppy which he had met briefly a year previously; a daughter of the one he had received in 2007, and now she was a year and a half old.

She had been tossed between five homes, and it was only through God’s love that her spirit was not completely shattered. Her soul was in fact in great pain, and he prayed, and he knew that it was his place in this life to open the door for this dog, in order to give it space for healing.

Sometimes you cannot even have the space and opportunities to do God’s work but if you’re willing to do it. You see?

Guy Ellis had no means to do this, but God sent him blessings, so that he had the abilities to do it. Many times on that journey there has come a day when there was no hope for food for the pack tomorrow and there came a blessing.

Miracles are often precisely that; when things happen in the great unfolding of life but you have no means to see that they will be or how they can be achieved or why or by which means.

Sometimes you simply have to trust that there are miracles and that they are appropriate at the appropriate time and sometimes they are gifts of blessings and sometimes they require a little bit of effort from you.

And this is precisely what a miracle is. It is a sign from God that love is there and there is a reason for the love of life. But miracles – miraculous works – done by people for the praise of their own names are exactly what they appear to be.

You see – God doesn’t shout from the rooftops. He works in quiet in quiet ways.

He is concerned with the heart of you, your soul. He’s not concerned with popularity. He’s not concerned with the boastfulness.

You have to look for him sometimes on the edge of shadow or as someone would say – a prophetess once said – at the edge of reason.

God bless.

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