Verse 33. Shadow

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Personally I’d rather be a programmer with dog training as a hobby, and spending my free time traveling cross country in a very nice Land Rover. But first, before I can take care of my egotistical selfish needs, I must record the message of God.

I have resisted him for a long time. What can I say – I am human. I am not perfect, nobody is, and nobody ever has been. Or if someone is perfect, he isn’t telling. You see – God has a sense of humor – if God didn’t have a sense of humor, you wouldn’t have either.

And just for the joke of it I will claim that Billy Connolly is one of the great prophets. Perhaps that was not a joke, but a humorist can be just as much a prophet of God as someone like Guy Ellis who takes himself far too seriously.

Today I am giving you the message of the Shadow.

It is not a new concept and it should be obvious to anyone even with the smallest spiritual ability. Every human being has a shadow. And all communities have a collective subconscious and a shadow. Another prophet has proven this and devoted a life of scientific study to this, written about it, and has assembled disciples who are still working with this topic. There is tremendously, tremendous amount of information on the subject of the shadow.

The Shadow is part of the darkness of our souls and when you choose the shadow, when you go into the shadow, and you allow the shadow to grow, you are paving way for evil.

You can choose. Sometimes the choice takes time. Visit upon the verse about grief, to understand this further.

You cannot cure your shadow. Not by looking at it, defining it, or wishing it away. The only way to deal with your shadow is accepting it, giving it the time it needs. Just like the sun travels the sky changing the shadow outside in daylight, you also have to work with your shadow in a natural balance.

It’s natural and acceptable to have the fantasies and negative images and bad emotions created by the shadow. If you do not allow this to appear, if you do not allow this to come to the surface, and if you do not acknowledge those to yourself then the shadow can overpower you, sneak up on you like a thief in the night.

God bless.

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