Verse 27. Heaven and Hell

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

That means I’m not always right, I’m not always wrong. It means I’m a human being who seeks out to walk in the path of God, not crossing his path because that can kill you.

No, seeking what is the path, for a person who seeks God, to find God in life, in Universe, anywhere. And there are many prophets; there have always been many prophets. Some are great ones and there are lesser ones.

No prophet has ever come forth trying to establish a new religion. But it is not uncommon when a prophet comes forth with something valuable that people form around his messages and establish it. There is nothing wrong with this but often it has caused pain and suffering.

There is evil in this world and has been for a very long time, and the prophet, this prophet has told you before that human beings on this planet today are in a kind of a prison. Kind of imprisonment.

We are spiritual beings, every single one of us. We are all born with the knowledge and understanding that there is an eternity, that there is time and there is something before us and there is something after us, but we do not remember it. We only sense it, and we ask ourselves questions.

Every human being asks questions. The moment you stop asking questions is a moment of great spiritual sickness in your soul.

Evil likes to control others, and it likes to seduce others. It isn’t into co-existing. It is into controlling and manipulating and twisting, cheating, deceiving – stuff like that.

Prophet doesn’t really know much about the nature of these things, he’s never been there. Well – he hasn’t been there for eternity. He probably was at some time in the cycle of re-incarnation.

You see?

Today I am instructed to tell you about heaven and hell. It is a complicated message; it begins with the prophets and then continues into the evil people. The evil spirits.

Hell is not a purgatory. There is no spiritual or fiery hell in some spiritual realm, created to make you burn and be humiliated and played at for a long time, or eternity, or any such thing.

And the same applies to heavenly paradise. There is no heavenly place where human beings can go after their physical death as a reward for being nice people, where they would stay in some kind of a everlasting pleasure for eternity.

Both of those ideas are completely out of synchronization with the harmony and balance of the Universe.

You only believe and cling to those ideas because you are afraid of death. You are afraid of Hell, and if you’ve experienced a painful life you yearn for the pleasures of heaven. Therefore because of your fear you are letting go of your internal reasoning; your spiritual reasoning.

When you connect to your core, when you purge the only sin, you will see this as clearly as you can see the colors of the day in bright sunlight. That is what a prophet of old meant – The Son of God – when he said: “Truth will set you free”.

He also said “it can become a source of eternal life inside of you. So strong that others will even drink from it,” until they find their own source. This is an eternal blessing, eternal truth.

Hell is – and there are many hell’s or chambers in hell – because, believe me, it does exist but not in the afterlife in some spiritual mystical realm, it is here and now. It’s created by negative emotions, it’s created by bad wishes, it’s created by envy, and hate. It’s created by deceptions and spiritual, controlling entanglements. Hell always creates unhappiness and fear, and results in control.

The Kingdom of God, as one prophet named it, or Heaven as many other prophets have named it, exists here among us right now just as well. It’s created out of Love, Endurance, Caring, Patience, Kindness, and Tolerance, Understanding – Love.

It’s here and now. You can connect to it. You can experience it. You can connect with those who are walking in it. You can leave all the chambers of hell that this world is so fond of keeping to.

Go with God.




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