Verse 26. About the end of the world

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Today I will give you the message about the end of the world.

Guy Ellis personally has been interested in the end of the world for a very long time. And it was one of the driving forces which drove the lorry of his spiritual quest for quite some time. Until he discovered that there is more and more to understand and he kept digging until he found; something very valuable. And then began training dogs.

The story of all true spiritual quests, they end someplace. If you go on a journey, you will end up someplace. It is up to you if you take it a step further and begin a new journey.

Some people would say a journey is only as long as the next step you take. The same with spiritual quests, or spiritual understanding.

The Universe has a timeline. So does your galaxy, so does your Sun – Gloria. So does your planet. So do you. It is the natural order of things.

But God is not very interested in the phenomenon of the ideological destruction of mankind. He isn’t much into destroying what he creates. He is very interested in the natural balance of things.

There are evil spirits and evil people around on this planet. They might even be elsewhere in the Galaxy, even the Universe – the prophet has not been given clear message about that.

These evil spirits and evil people like to control others.

Loving kindness doesn’t like to control others. It doesn’t even suspect others of controlling. Life isn’t about control.

Lust for power and control is a side effect of the Ego. It is the lust of power that has driven intelligent creatures both spirit and human to create concepts that frighten people. And using fear, driven those people into organized believers of different kinds of ideas like the destruction of the world, the great purge or apocalypse.

Rest assured that the grand eternal creator of this universe, the driving force behind life, isn’t into these kind of scheming.

But there is another side to this coin. Obvious to certain spiritual people and not so obvious to many others.

In the timeline of current history of man there have been many prophets, and there are always prophets. Every prophet sees what he is being revealed, through the filter of what he believed before. It is natural.

A prophet who believes in life after death in some kind of a heaven and then receives a revelation from a spiritual being might very easily be fooled into thinking that it was from his grand father. As the world of true spiritual knowledge does not correct perceptions like these, for people eventually find out anyway and it’s more fun to discover truths for yourself, and because kindness isn’t into controlling; therefore as long as he gets the meaning of the message: Who cares what form he believes the message came in? Take heed, that this is a very deep and profound insight.

Through history, in many cultures of the world, prophets have perceived “the end of the world”. And the kind of end of the world they perceived has already come and gone by.

The prophet will try to explain this perception in simpler terms.

A person in history before the 18th century lived in a world where people drove horse carriages or ox carriages. Traveling across the oceans took months, and weeks, being driving the ships by sail. Communication between people in different countries involved sending letters through couriers and it took months – sometimes even years – for the mail to arrive. A simple sickness could kill you in a matter of weeks or even days – sickness we even laugh at today.

This person, a prophet receiving revelations and glimpses into the future – some spiritual people like Nostradamus were blessed with the gift of seeing through time – would see in the way his filter allowed him to see, through the filter of his eyes, the filter of his preconceived ideas. This person living in the old world, which had existed in a similar way for thousands of years; the slow moving, quiet world, would suddenly perceive vision into the 19th and 20th and 21st century.

A time which for a one human being is a very long time. Two-hundred-and-fifty years, but in the timeline of history is simply a drop. This person would see everything change instantly.

People can even change their gender nowadays. You can talk to someone on the other side of the planet through your mobile phone. You can sit in a café someplace and send text messages to anywhere in the world, even to many people simultaneously. You do not need a library anymore because every knowledge is now stored on computers, connected as hubs across the world; library is becoming a non-exist. You can read the library from anywhere in the world through a computer. We have simple computers now that almost anyone can buy for little money and carry anywhere, you don’t even need a keyboard anymore you just tap their screen. You can fly across the world and in few hours you can traverse half the world and in a few hours more you can circumnavigate the globe. You can even travel to the moon. We have cured almost all sicknesses known to man – there are so few left that it’s hardly a bother to continue.

This modern world, perceived in visions, would constitute the “end of his world” in the eyes of any prophet of old times.

This prophet has been instructed to tell you the truth of this matter.

God bless.




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