Verse 25. Concept of the Sin

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am instructed to speak to you about sin, and not for the first time. Probably not for the last time.

The concept of the sin is an evil thing, invented by people who took messages of other prophets, twisted them around and formed organized religions for professional priests. They are very interested in control over other people and receiving gratification and respect from them. That in itself might be considered a sin.

God isn’t interested in sins.

He is interested in love. He’s interested in life – the force of life – which is Love. Love is pro-life. Death isn’t. Hate isn’t. Evil isn’t, if you can define what evil is.

If you want a sin there is one available to you. It is the only sin available. The only sin God cares about, and that sin has a lot to do with you, and who you are and what you are, who you have been, what you have been, who you will become and what you will become: The eternal cycle of life and the Universe.

And there is a key, you can know this yourself: When you are asleep, you dream. You may not remember your dreams, but you can learn. And in doing so you would add fifty percent to your life. Ah, you would gain! Yes!

You are asleep one third of your time on this planet, imagine if you remembered your dreams, you would remember what’s happening when you’re sleeping. You would gain.

And it’s very easy to do this. All you have to do is learn how to connect with your core being. Your soul. The spark who was you before you had a name, before you knew if you were male or female, before you knew any words to put to “the I”, before you created the ego.

Ego is a consequence of being a human. Ego is the construct of the mind and the biological chemistry we call feelings.

But you!

You at the core, the center of your soul, the center of your being, the innermost you, your reason for living, your reason for being, the reason that you continue the cycle of life, the reason you carry your Karma with you and the reason you are creating a new one, every day. You; the beautiful shining being of light which has been you for eternal time!

You; who cannot cease to exist. You; who cannot perish!

You; who are part of the entire Universe, and part of God.

Yes; You!

You can connect. You can connect this human being you are, to “the you” which created it and automatically you will connect to God.

You will not need any priest, once you connect!

God bless “the you” in you. He sustains you, when you forget. He never forgets You. He loves You.

This is the sin: Not connecting yourself to You.

And as a side note, because this verse began with something about priests. God likes professional priests, and organized religion; they are part of the tree – The Faith. Just so that you don’t misunderstand the verse.

God bless.




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